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  1. - Survival aspects - The rate at which hunger, thirst, and sleep diminish is unbelievably way way way too fast to the point where the game is no longer fun. - Day and night cycles - I like the cycles but they go too fast. It seems as if only a few minutes of rearranging my inventory, crafting, or scavenging and its already midnight. - Inventory organization - The inventory needs to have categories. I find myself scrambling to find essential items like water, food, medical equipment, and weapons when I need them the most. Also, it would be nice if items that require more than one space in your inventory could be turned sideways. - Item health - items and weapons crafted brake faster than they should. A good example would be the Jimmy bar. I should be able to get at least 10 uses before it breaks. Another good example would be the pointy stick weapon. I should be able to kill 6 or so people before it broke. - Bobby pistol - I understand that most British police officers do not carry guns. However, in the government controlled Society of we happy few I think this is possible. I believe the "Bobby pistol" should be a six-cylinder revolver. It's ammunition would be "bullets". And only 20%-30% of Bobby's would even have them. If a Bobby was carrying a Bobby pistol they would have a black leather gun belt around their waist to make it obvious they have a Bobby pistol. A Bobby will only use his pistol if the player had killed say three to five people/bobbys or the player is using a Bobby pistol. The player can only find a Bobby pistol off of a Bobby that had one and the player could only hold up to twelve bullets. - Bobby whistle - when the player finds a Bobby whistle it would be cool if the player could use that whistle to lower nearby Bobby's to their location. The whistle would break after 5 or so uses. - Bobby's using teargas - it would be cool to occasionally see a Bobby throw a can of tear gas in combat.
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