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  1. Even after the 1.4 update, crashing issues have - if anything - gotten worse (PC). Cannot start new game. Sometimes manage to get thru entire prequel "cut scene" of Arthur in office, to various "generation" messages about setting up world only to have crash happen at that point. Tried making a screenshot of another issue where WHF *is* running as it can be seen in the Task Manager and music is playing, but no icon showing on Taskbar nor a "window" open to Tab to thru Win 10 interface....
  2. Another re-occurring bug has to do with the Jubulator in that this Peter guy your supposed to talk to will: a) not have an option to talk too, b) vanish along with his jubilator, or c) end up dead. One or more of these has ALWAYS happened thus making an escape impossible.
  3. Further testing has shown that it is still occurring at other times. My son, for example, did not find that skill book on the rafter beam in the theater yet his skill books have vanished at some point in Eel Holm on every single play-thru. In my latest attempt I went and recovered that book first, going on to retrieve several others from chests/houses checking to confirm all found thus far were present. I was to the point of getting ready to head over to Luds when I saved my game for the night (all books there). Re-loaded my game next day and books were all gone again! Tried restoring backup made previous day, when loaded books were still gone. Rather frustrating!
  4. After a LOT of trial & error, I believe I've traced this back to the healing skill book hidden in the theater (where you rescue Peachy) as, twice, they've all vanished right after picking that up. Going to test now to see if I can avoid that happening by ignoring that book.
  5. I don't see any other reports on this so I thought I'd post here. For whatever reason, acquired skill books found in chests , houses, etc. seem to vanish. At first I thought simply reviewing them thru the "passive effects" list was keeping them around. Now, I see this isn't true. Today, for example, I loaded my saved game for Day 3 (Eel Pie Holm) wherein I had finished opening up all of the dig spot chests in this first area that included both the Engineer & Chemist books. Saving the game and re-loading I confirmed they were all still present. Today when I loaded the game they were all still there, but then I noticed in the Crafting menu a need for a Chemical station (was planning to make more Antiseptic to store in Stash for future needs). So, on checking the list of passive effects nearly all of those skill books were again gone! Oddly enough though, the Creeper for which I had bought an upgrade for a few minutes earlier from the Treehouse, was correctly showing noises as being reduced by 4%. My son has confirmed this is happening in his games too, so it isn't just my machine. Yes, game files were checked thru Steam for integrity. Needless to say, this is making playing the game quite difficult; even with the manual effort of backing up saved game files after each successful save.
  6. My problem is that all of my found skill books are lost after a game save and re-load. Sometimes this has been avoided by looking through the list of passive effects just before the save/exit but not always!
  7. Has anyone from Compulsion been watching my series? I've been putting in a few notes here and there about bugs!
  8. I've started a new series featuring the Maidenholm update for We Happy Few. 3 chapters are up now, and I'm doing post production on the 4th. My laptop, however, decided to turn itself off 12 minutes into play (no clue on the why!) so I'm trying to think of some means to document what I did then. In any case, playlist is here: First video is here:
  9. It has taken me a while to get this launched (good laptop's hard drive failed so had to be shipped to manufacturer), but I have finally started a series featuring WHF after the clockwork update. First video here: Playlist here:
  10. After many tries I have somewhat mastered getting the linen. Make sure you have gotten both sneakiness buffs from the treehouse guy (one to make you less noisy and reduce visibility). Equip sneakers and you can usually creep close enough to the kitchen gal to take her down. If she alerts and boots you out then it is best to use either a banger or tear gas grenade, etc. Remember to run out of the house quickly if using a Banger! Same things should work for 2nd guy in office/library area. There is a closet in the bathroom that has several linens too! Can't remember if the door was locked.
  11. - Crashes & lockups seem more common in this build, particularly in the 2nd Garden area (Luds?) - On occasion am seemingly locked into safe house (Luds again) as pressing E to exit starts the cursor spin effect but never actually exiting house - Apple Tree spawned in garden area with road on only one side, not where gate is. When Boobies are given alcohol they stand more or less right were they've been (no staggering away) and very quickly become suspicious. - Still not able to run game in higher resolution modes beyond 16x19, as doing so will cause game to immediately crash - Constantly having to reset display to fullscreen mode as taskbar or app window title will always remain visible ------- Should mention my laptop is an MSI Apache Pro gaming machine with 2 different graphic chips in case this has any bearing on the above issues. WHF is using the Nvidia GTX970M chip as it should. Mentioning this as I have also noticed problems when doing recordings as not all capture software is smart enough to know which graphics output it should be looking at. Am working with one company to sort out their issues now. Sorry, can't say who as I'm under a NDA with them.
  12. I had to do a video on this one , as it was so odd. This wall showed up in a very odd spot inside a house making it impossible to get around. Still trying to sort out why OBS is having so much trouble with recording the video too. Going to chech drivers and do more tests! https://youtu.be/p1_tS6VU7gc
  13. 1) The quest to search out the source of the strangeness does start again if you are spotted; nice job there. 2) If you pickup the linen from the kitchen - or elsewhere - and are then spotted, you do respawn back in your safe house minus the linen. (Probably the intended reaction.) However, on returning to the house whatever linens were removed do not re-spawn. 3) After many, many tries, the only semi-reliable way I've found to get the linen is by using the tear gas grenades from the Bobbies by the Apple Tree. No Apple Tree, no tear gas canisters. I've not tried either the explosive duck (rock chucker), or other explosive ideas as those should - IMO - trigger reactions from the NPC's to boot you out again. 4) Are only 2 linens accessible? (kitchen, room with books just around corner) Before this community update there was a closet off the master bedroom on the 2nd floor that had a mess of them. Access to that room appears blocked. Tried looking for a hidden panel (would be cool!) or something. This was figured out on a run where there was no Apple Tree, so much time was spent collecting coins from phones to buy all of the "sneakiness" buffs offered thru treehouse. Got in there at least 12 times - yes the quest to find source of strangeness completed - but never found a way into that room. Ran out of joy pills eventually and started a new run yet again in frustration.
  14. Tried this idea that really worked! Chucked a tear gas grenade into the kitchen that you get from the Bobbies by the apple tree. No problem with getting the linen at all! You only get so many so I'm not sure if that will help in getting thru the whole house. Do make sure you grab at least 2 linens so you can make your own suit of Blending. The Treehouse guy only gives you the recipe and not the linen back. Oh, and remember to put on your gas mask!
  15. I restarted again after this latest hotfix and found you do get the quest for investigating when you re-enter. So, that isn't a permanent fail if your seen. No luck still in getting the linen though as that gal in the kitchen keeps spotting me. Been wondering if we're supposed to get that first linen in the kitchen, then come back after we've got the suit of blending.
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