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  1. BonBon

    Screenshot thread?

    My computer was running at 1 FPS when I turned it to high, but it was oh so worth it
  2. We love Leo, he is a cute doggo and we value him immensely
  3. BonBon

    add more different types of NPC

    Is it possible that we may see them in the future? Possibly after 1.0 is released?
  4. The intro to the video is so catchy, I would love an mp3 version of it, it just gives me life. Anyways, another beautiful dev diary as always.
  5. I think you're talking about the older builds.
  6. BonBon

    Screenshot thread?

    @Nautilus that is an amazing shot of a Doctor, I can't wait to see what they can do in the game.
  7. BonBon

    BonBon's Art Corner

    @Naila Thank you so much, I can't wait either!
  8. BonBon

    BonBon's Art Corner

    I loved how this came out, @horrorshow for requesting the female protagonist
  9. I am absolutely in love with this conversation system, it'll really make the characters feel more alive. Everything else is amazing, the Compulsion Team keeps me in a state of amazement with every update.
  10. BonBon

    BonBon's Art Corner

    I'm open to request btw, if you find any interesting characters I'll be happy to draw them!
  11. BonBon

    just look at this

    You'll see a Wellington Underground sign eventually.
  12. BonBon

    BonBon's Art Corner

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked them!
  13. BonBon

    BonBon's Art Corner

    Meet Sue the Wastrel, I found her wandering the streets of the garden district. I met her on Day 5 of my playthrough and she was just adorable... besides when she kept saying Oedipus tore his eyes out and vanilla doesn't work ,other than that she was just the best
  14. BonBon

    Screenshot thread?

    I did edit it a bit.