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  1. On Xbox One i keep getting stuck on a bench after ive restarted from a save. This is a save made in the new update so it isnt a compatability issue.
  2. Following the newest update:

    1. Plague location and Georges Holm were attached at the edge of the map without a bridge causing the game to crash when moving between the two


    2. Floating door signs


    3. Guy who needs hallucinogen dissapeared after he died but the medical people still hung round


    4. Cerebus is the first bobby quest does nothing, you can just walk past him easily


    5. Downer detector on way to apples holm does nothing when youre off joy


  3. My husband would like to add a couple of his most annoying glitches:


    1. Cant pick up the yam book

    2. Faraday wont take his bucket of motilene

  4. Bugs so far:

    1. Faraday car task has one car stuck in a wall so i cant get to it.

    2. Lovely couple task, the guy wont talk to me or let me give him a bouquet

    3. Treehouse task doesnt register that ive crafted the dress with the ephemeral linen

    4. One one chest in the Cult of Jack task when i need three

    5. One of the shops doesnt open anymore

    6. Got stuck in the ravensholm bridge

    7. Played Simon Says with the joy gas but it killed me even though i hit all the lit panels when told to

    8. Map markers dont show up half the time


    Also not certain if a glitch or not but food/drink items dont respawn very often but i have an insane amount of duct tape and metal bits.


    Loving it so far though!

  5. Managed to get past these glitches to the final task. [spoiler-ish] you collect mechanical parts from cars, i've got all parts but two. One is in a car which is stuck in a wall so i cant get to it and the other is marked on the map in a place where there is no car.
  6. Im around 30 days in and have encountered a few bugs, mostly NPCs not talking to me during quests or not letting me give them what i need to give them. Lots of dig sites where i cant dig and a few sound glitches where lock picking noises, music and lines of speech repeat. Now ive signed up im gonna try and keep a log of all glitches i encounter.

  7. As someone who can hear well but enjoys subtitles I'd also like to add that the subtitles aren't actually accurate to what is being said, sometimes being a completely different phrase with not one word the same.
  8. I've also had a bunch of dig locations on the map where i can't actually dig. Definitely not places I've already dug. Not sure if i can actually dig there or if its a map error. One of the locations is a grave! Grim.
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