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  1. Bugs so far:

    1. Faraday car task has one car stuck in a wall so i cant get to it.

    2. Lovely couple task, the guy wont talk to me or let me give him a bouquet

    3. Treehouse task doesnt register that ive crafted the dress with the ephemeral linen

    4. One one chest in the Cult of Jack task when i need three

    5. One of the shops doesnt open anymore

    6. Got stuck in the ravensholm bridge

    7. Played Simon Says with the joy gas but it killed me even though i hit all the lit panels when told to

    8. Map markers dont show up half the time


    Also not certain if a glitch or not but food/drink items dont respawn very often but i have an insane amount of duct tape and metal bits.


    Loving it so far though!

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