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  1. Moving the map in the menu is still glitched. The cursor does not scroll to certain parts of the map.
  2. Prologue: The "Approved" symbol appears on the newspaper clip that triggers the choice to take your joy or remember. After holding X to remember it appears. The approved symbol appears on the first news paper clipping in Clive's office. The approved symbol appears on the first news paper clipping in Pru's office as well. Noted changes: You can see the road now when you look down from the window where the projector is projecting. Glad to see that was fixed . The flashing of the empty power cells is a nice touch. The new personal safe location is great. The hung dead lady area is completely gone.
  3. @Azketta After the update my my Xbox One Game Preivew is now designated as, "Gameplay Alpha v28977" on the title screen. Here begins goes a new game. Also, I hope that (at)Sam and (at)sam are the same. Due to lack of difficulty I cannot fully address this issue but hunger to available food/food poisoning cure makes the game seem like Hobo Simulator 2016: The Real Hunger Games. This is not meant to be an insult, this is meant to say that it feels like a game more about finding food than anything else.
  4. I haven't played recently but I did watch the game update. I don't know the version however.
  5. @Sam Thank you for the suggestion, I will be doing that. A few final questions: Are there a certain areas of the game that needs more testing than others? Like is there an area that we should focus on finding bugs? Lastly, is there anything we could do to improve our feedback to make things easier for you?
  6. The quest "Johnny Bolton, Special Agent!" does not appear on the world map after I crafted the Med-Kit.
  7. Crazy legs is still spotted running around saying, "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date" even though the quest is marked as completed.
  8. The quest "If you give a pig a pancake" is still marked on the map with a golden "!" but marked as completed in the quest log.
  9. The quest "Bring Out Your Dead" is still marked on the map with a golden "!" but marked as completed in the quest log.
  10. @Azketta was a good read and a very detailed report. I'm probably going to start documenting things like you did.
  11. @Azketta No problem at all. I'm glad you were able to find a solution.
  12. The item stacking needs some adjustment, it won't always work. There is no way to split stacked items, there really should be. The transition from day to dusk is smooth and believable. The transition from dusk to night is sudden and not believable. While navigating the inventory screen, a lot of my items are in a white square. Using a white square outline to indicate where your at in your inventory screen makes things very annoying and confusing. Mrs. Stokes' body eventually disappeared again, thank god. The man in the medical waste infested water is still asking for Neximide Pill, even though I already had given him one. Switching items for the LB quick slot using the D-Pad is lousy and inconsistent I found that I have to hold down the left or right on the D-Pad in order to get it to respond..
  13. Thank you @Iris_Lockspur for moving this forum to the correct place. That makes things a lot easier for me.
  14. @fromthewoods I didn't think to post it there, I figured that was for technical support only, not bug reporting. Thanks!
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