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  1. The patch that just came out (well, preview patch) very much reduces hunger/thirst needs and you don't get tired anywhere near as quickly.
  2. Found Ralph being attacked by the mob. Dealt with the mob via combat. Afterword couldn't talk to Ralph (only option was press V to Takedown when standing behind). Saved and exited the game and on coming back Ralph was gone completely.
  3. New art and areas to explore look great! Can't wait to see all this work its way into the game over time.
  4. First of all I think this game has a ton of potential. Its definitely an alpha, I had numerous problems with quests for example, but I'll keep my overall comments focused on the gameplay and what feels good about the game. Basically this has a good chance to be a drug fueled, dystopian, first person iteration on what made Don't Starve or Faster Than Light such fun experiences. The main thing lacking right now is a lack of mob interaction. I know the devs are thinking about this as they mentioned making wastrels occasionally spawn in Hamlyn, but adding this type of interaction would really increase the sense of immersion. For example there could be a gang on the first island, they would control a 3-4 blocks and wear suits. They'd have a lot of mafioso, gangland styling and it would provide a low-key introduction to the conformity mechanic. Plus there would be conflicts with regular wastrels on the borders. Sometimes a larger fight could spawn near the player. Imagine coming around a corner and realizing that three thugs were beating on everyone not wearing a proper suit! Importantly there don't have to be any quests associated with this faction, why would they take a fresh downer in to do important things for them anyway? Which brings me to another issue, the quests in this game are cute but basically just fetch quests. In a game like Don't Starve there are no scripted quests. Instead they emerge organically, you need a resource to tech up so the "quest" becomes going to a region where that resource is plentiful. I know this game will have a story element and the quests will be a part of that but I dearly hope that the devs are putting time into creating a dynamic world, where interesting things to do will emerge organically, instead of scripting lots of quests Fallout style. The most exciting moments in this game have not come from quests but from running away from an angry mob because I botched a robbery while I was tired and had food poisoning. I don't really like having to figure out that I need a certain kind of suit to get honey (!?!) to cross a bridge. Finally, the effects of Joy are far too mild. They should create a decrepit skin for Hamlyn that is how it really looks (broken down grey cars, buildings falling apart, all the food is rotten) that you see when you're not on Joy. From the intro it seems that not only is Joy an incredibly powerful suggestive hallucinogen but it seems to have strong anti-bacterial/septic properties as well (given that seemingly somewhat healthy people were eating a decaying rat as "candy" with no ill effects). For example, you maybe should be able to eat rotten food while on Joy with no ill effect. The side-effects of Joy should be worse too, though. Not being able to access the quest log or map while on it might be a start. Finally, there needs to be a little more variety architecturally. A few more random plazas (like the Cult of Jack or fountain set pieces) and a couple of taller buildings to give a visual cue as to which way you're going would be great. The size of the islands feels pretty good but there should be, ideally, at least a little something going on in each square block. Maybe a heavily guarded garden in one, someone who will trade you food for medicine on another (well, you could kill them and take all their food but it would create a permanent aggro zone on that block where you would always be attacked), next block is Gangland so there are fights between the wastrels and gang members on the border and you have to duck into a building to change your suit before continuing. Maybe the bobbies occasionally patrol and when those patrols go through Gangland all hell breaks loose (while regular wastrels just run from them). Adding a few flourishes like this and adding some mob interaction would do a great deal to improve the overall feeling that you're a small piece in a larger, living world. Looking forward to this weeks bugfixes and next months content update, I'll be popping my Joy with abandon until then, cheers! tl;dr Less scripting, more dynamic world building.
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