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  1. You need to run around and you will see a tall house with Teslas on it, going near it will trigger a quest called "faraday a houseboy" do all the missions for this quest and it will lead you right to the end.
  2. That's ok, progress is progress, the community know you are working hard with everything you've got. It is impressive how much you can complete considering your size.
  3. I am 100% restarting my game just to generate the new bridge and play "Blood in the streets" again, thanks for the updates. Now I need to wait until it comes to Xbox, which may take a while 0.o
  4. Kill him and take the key for faradays lab instead, this continues the quest.
  5. On a second run you can get to that point in under 15 minutes. Just restart like everyone else had to lol. It is unfixable.
  6. Regardless of whether she is in the bedroom or not, if she isn't in her lab it will eventually break and you will have to restart, it usually breaks when giving her the car parts.
  7. The game is under 40% complete, it is very buggy at the moment, I also had to restart as I got faradays bug, be patient, the developers are doing their best.
  8. You need to restart if she is not in the lab, it will work when she's on the bed until her final quest, which will break your game and make you restart. Unlucky ! I had the same bug too.
  9. This mission is a side quest, you don't need to restart and it would be pointless. I completed the preview without even going to her as I had to restart and play again.
  10. you need to pick up her notes, this will trigger the mission.
  11. I had the same issue, quit and reload. If this doesn't work you need to wipe progress.
  12. Right, the mission with the constable where you give him alcohol is misleading. When you cross a bridge with a guard it activates leading you to believe you need to give alcohol to that guard to re cross the bridge, this isn't the case, Constable turner is walking around Wellington wells, and the quest is to literally walk past him and give him alcohol in the streets. Hope this helps.
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