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  1. Fantastic! I love how you made the word "Joy" in purple.
  2. Hi everyone! I hope this reaches you well. I will continue to update this discussion with further bugs/glitches I experience throughout playing this fantastic game. I have done multiple run throughs with this game as I'm playing with permadeath on. This time, as I passed through the honey gate and into Lud's Holm I noticed that a safe house did not spawn. I had uncovered every piece of Lud's Holm but to no avail, there was still no safe house. I have also noticed within my many run throughs that whenever I go back to the place with Sally's old car at night while on joy. The quest triggers to pursue the ghost but the ghost does not move. I will update this discussion with any other bugs I run into, I hope you can help! Thanks, Liam
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