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  1. That sounds super fun! I'll have to try and find it - I haven't had time to do much beyond log some bugs.
  2. naps? snacks? Maybe this would work by promoting the kind of self-care people who are mentally ill have to seek out. (Mine's music. I'd be dead without it.)
  3. That's what I was thinking - conformity combos! How long can YOU keep people fooled? Rack up the bonus points!
  4. Pyramid head, from Silent Hill. I lucid dream and have night terrors, so crap like this happens to me alllll the time!
  5. Yeah, I have night terrors, so this just seems logical it'd pop up in my dreams. If you've never woken up with one of the Bobbies standing over you, you're a lucky duck And I do realize it's a WIP, I'm definitely not demanding anything. It's more a "I think it would be cool if..." kind of discussion post. I'm also pretty aware that some of what I suggested could be a right pain in the ass to mix in. For example, I play console, so I have no clue how they could institute that detailed level of sneaking with so few buttons. Just scheming, I think!
  6. Cool. I just like throwing out ideas. I spend a lot of time dreaming about this game, oddly enough. All those candy colors!
  7. Okay. I suppose I just feel differently.
  8. Yeah but that seems a bit simplistic, especially if the character's whole point is to *not* be on Joy. It makes being on joy constantly in Wellington Wells because you're doing quests a bit...not true to self, I guess?
  9. So there are obvious ways to do this - pop a joy, don't run or crouch or pull out a weapon... but I was wondering if there were other things that might make conforming more contrived. How about a way to mimic speech or movement when you *aren't* on Joy? A way to make your arms swing, to fake a smile, to fake it til you get to a Joy trap and go "oh, drat." This game is all about conforming - something I'm currently doing as a means of hiding in plain sight until my own personal glumness goes away. Why not make it more in depth, more purposeful, than simply popping a pill? I realize these ideas have complications, but I'd really love to see "fake it til you make it" something more purposeful than popping a Joy.
  10. Hi @stephanie! 2. I actually like it, because it almost feels like "there's something wrong with my eyes" or even "is hallucinating something small even off the joy a side effect?" and it played really well into the theme you've got, so that's actually pretty neat 5. It's on the same save, so I will restart and try from fresh again to see if it resolves along with #1, but it's just that sometimes when I move one thing (it seems to happen on bigger, as in at least 2 vertical squares, items) something alongside it moves as well (usually a single square item). It's happened twice as I mentioned with the cleaver, but I've yet to see any sort of pattern on this. I'll check back in if it's a continued issue. Thanks so much for the work you're all doing on this! I've really enjoyed being a part of the testing, and am super excited about the full game!
  11. Hello! I took off the ones I saw other topics for, but I apologize if any of these are repeats. I didn't play for 10 days or so, and came back to a lot of things fixed (thank you!) and a few not. Here are a few bugs I noticed: 1. I picked up a cleaver. When I went to move it in my inventory, I couldn't select it at all. I enhanced it, which fixed the problem. A bit later, though, I noticed two items (on top of each other) I couldn't select or move. It's a different spot in the inventory, not where the cleaver was. This may explain why I was looking at empty slots in my inventory but being told my inventory was full. 2. When I enter the menu screen, anything that's showing sky has black gridlines across it. I only noticed it at first because I was facing outward over the cliff, so the screen was all sky. 3. My radios are showing "turn radio off" when it's already off, and "turn radio on" when it's already on. 4. In the joy-filled area (I can never remember the names), one of the quests has an energy leak where you can either pick the gate lock or go around through the park. I picked he gate lock, but even though the gates are open, the lock and chain are hovering in midair. I can sneak/duck under it, but it looks rather silly. 5. Some of my inventory items now move by themselves. If I move something around it, it goes too. When I'm trying to make room for something big, this is incredibly annoying. 6. I've had a super easy time of raiding houses now - because all the NPCs are glitched. They roll through glitched dialogue that's so stacked/disjointed it sounds like a robot, and often trapped in a bed/the stairs/the wall or whatever's nearby. A few ideas on other things: 1. I've noticed you see a lot of "normal" food in Wellie areas and a lot of rotten food in the Wastrel zones. It would be neat if you picked up a nice carrot in the Wellie area, but as your joy wore off it became rotten - like it was rotten the whole time but Joy made you think it was good. 2. All of my pocket slots are unlocked, but I still have 3 inventory slots to unlock. Would be nice if you saw fewer pocket expanders around once you've unlocked them all (but I am *not* a coder, so I have no idea if this is even worth bothering with). Overall, thank you, still loving it and can't wait for more! -JAA
  12. I finally was able to get to rough and have him chuck it back into the power cell, but the quest didn't reset/complete
  13. I'm also having trouble on this quest - I've scavanged every car available but I still need 1 more complex mechanical part. I keep getting regular ones.
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