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  1. strange meat looks like its rat or small dog i'm sure at least one of the other meats is human as there's hardly any agriculture and leaving wellington wells seems to be heavily discouraged. downers aren't imprisoned or executed but they are exiled but not so far that they cant be retrieved. there is plenty of wastrel talk of not knowing where people are buried and rumours of bodies being dumped into the river. it's possible bodies are being dumped into the sewer system for processing. the people on joy will eat a rat's viscera thinking it's candy so Victory meat and or regular meat could easily be human
  2. i don't think wellington wells is big on imports. so unless they're growing and drying their own tobacco i don't see cigarettes being available joy may have even supplanted tobacco however that begs the question, where does the meat come from? i have a sneaking suspicion that strange meat might not be the strangest meat around
  3. i got attacked and dropped her. when i tried to pick her up by holding Y, her husband backed on up and got himself strangled. so i walked away before anybody saw me
  4. i broke my faraday questline by giving the guy the valve when his dialogue had reset unexpectedly. i gave him the valve then he asked me to get him a valve. the drummer on my yam quest is deceased, incidentally making me a believer in the yam because she's still ready to hit them bongo's
  5. i was escorting the couple to the checkpoint, a downer attacked us causing me to drop his wife, when i tried to pick her up again he turned around and i strangled him instead of picking her up. that help people facing you OR strangle people with their backs to you interface is not working well
  6. berries are generally very easy to come by there is at least one skill book that decreases your chances of food poisoning making rotten food more effective according to another thread joy stops your food decline until you come down so there is that strategy if your in hamlyn loot peoples campfires when they're not looking for loads of food in hamlyn just invade peoples homes, hand them some flowers and then loot their kitchens full of well stocked cupboards when they walk off don't eat rotten potatoes or mushrooms as they craft decent gear (antiseptic and sunshine{psuedo joy} so far for me)
  7. the shelter could switch to a different scale for time. as could instances. then when your in instanced spaces such as the yam and ephemeral cloth quests the game can slow down the passage of time and let you play them properly instead of rushing to finish everything in 6minutes and 40 seconds. or 10 minutes after the change.
  8. I'm probably not alone in this but there is a fine line between gifting someone some flowers and choking them out and i seem to have a bad habit of crossing that line. perhaps some minor UI changes so choking someone into submission isn't the same "hold interact" interaction as giving away a bouquet of flowers? perhaps flowers need to be equipped in your open hand or your pockets quick inventory. i've killed people trying to be kind
  9. you need a proper suit to enter happy town though. i had a similar problem to the OP, i gave a couple two proper suits under the assumption the game would reward me with at least 1 torn suit but instead i got a couple bags of flour and a crafting request. i ended up getting beaten to death while i tried to read my map about a week later. i spent that week getting chased off of every street i loitered in. moral of the story is that the fashion police firmly believe in capital punishment and everyone has been deputised
  10. item sizes and stack sizes seem haphazard, bags of sugar occupy two vertical spaces but stack, a medikit takes two horizontal spaces and doesn't stack? and the yellow berries stack to five, but the recipes that use them require two berries my suggestion would be to have increased stack sizes in the safe. i'd also suggest abandoning inventory tetris. it's annoying being told your inventory is full when there is 12 single slots left
  11. i managed to play the bongo's the second night, the book and the yam couldn't be interacted with though
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