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  1. @fromthewoods I am not complaining about old school mode, I was complaining about the fact, that you neither had the option to make notes, half the "hints" are straight out useless and the map in terms of what is and what is not shown is entirely arbitrary. Your argument is nice, but not really saying anything in conjunction with mine. Does not matter anyway, as it has been fixed by now. Lots of thanks to the devs, keep it up!
  2. I wanted to give this a bump. Quests still not showing on the map, dead quests still showing, etc., etc. Please, fix these along with the gamebreakers soon. Also: the quest log. "Get some motilene" is not really helpful alongside with some jumbled thoughts and useless rambling, without any quest marker or whatsoever. I mean, in this game it's not like you can normally talk to people or the quest givers want to elabourate the given tasks.
  3. This thread is a week old and I have the same problem. Essentially it is game breaking if you don't want to kill him, it is about time quests like these are fixed.
  4. Okay, first of all, a collective thread of all quest bugs would be great, as nobody is going to read all 341 individual threads thoroughly. Secondly: Update I am really pissed because I am dying of this useless bug: The bridge between apple holm and ravenholm. I have tried switching suits, taking my damn joy and yet I can't get out of the police checkpoint anymore, it says "infection detected" although I am not sick, I am full of joy, tried different suits, and everything else I could imagine in this circumstance and I am slowly dying of sleep deprevation, because of this. Fix this, please, i got to the 4th area and now I am slowly croaking, because there is no way out of this situation. And now I am stuck in the motherfudging garden district, because the other bridge back is closed in the night and the only one possible to get me out of here is snug as a bug on a drug! This is fudging frustrating! *sigh* How about you make it possible to sleep on park bench or in the wild, I mean there is nobody around and I have to kill a 4hrs permadeath char, because of a bug... Bye, I go get some Joy!
  5. @jarek you obviously did not really get the point of my comment, mate. When there is an "easy" option that punishes you almost as hard as the only other difficulty, what is the point?
  6. I find it pretty awesome that you have the option to play with or without permadeath, however, at this point I fail to see why you are given the option at all. Losing ALL your tomes on death when permadeath is off seems really a steep price for people who just want to play the game for the story. I tried it once, became reckless, ofc, after all what is the worst that could happen? This. I lost over ten tomes and ONE bottle of alcohol. The ratio of punishment in both these departments seems extremely off, especially as I rather use an entire line or column of my inventory upon death than all my tomes.
  7. The Map really needs work, a lot of it. Completed quests are still showing while new ones are not (where is the point in that?) and the option to make notes on the map should be really a thing in a procedurally generated game.
  8. Hello, I just wanted to say I like the game very much so far, even for an early acess game, the mechanics seem pretty well polished and the setting is very good. Buuut, to the topic at hand: I noticed a few annoying bugs of a quest related nature that I just wanted to gather here, feel free to correct me if I obviously made an error or if you found a workaround and also to post quests that were bugged for you. Campfire: A chef's hat is floating near the fireplace, searching the area reveals nothing, I have a rubber duck but cannot do anything with it. Special Agent: The quest log says something along the lines "He marked it on my map...", well no, he did not. If you give a Pig a Pancake: This one is pretty infuriating. You can talk to the guy easily enough, but the problem is, that once he asked you for the neximide pill, you can hardly ever give it to him, because the game toggles between him as a quest character and a normal character and switches super fast between [V] Give Neximide and [V] Takedown. Once you accidentally took that guy out, there is no way to ever give him the pill, the quest is stuck henceforth, despite your best intentions. Area Starting Safehouse: I keep hearing that there is supposed to be a mechanical worktable, albeit there clearly is not. Digging Area: Denoted as digging area on the map, however, there are no digging places in the entire area (these beige/silver shovel symbols hovering over the ground) I will keep this thread updated if I find any more quest related issues, bugs or obvious mistakes. See you around! Io
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