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  1. My game has been crashing semi-frequently, but recently it crashed right after completing the Possibly Heinous Package quest. When I re-loaded my save, I was shot back to the part of the quest where you're supposed to stash the body. Except the body is nowhere to be found. I looked in the wagon, in almost all parts of St George Holm and Maidenholm, etc. It wouldnt be a big deal really... But this is the last part of a three part quest that took a good chunk of time, and is also worth five skill points. Any way to fix this? (Playing on xbox/build v1.1.69578/St George Holm/uninstalled, reinstalled)
  2. Oops! I'm not too active on the Compulsion forums, my mistake. Thanks for the reply ?
  3. I'm not sure if it's because I use it in populated areas, but I can never successfully use the Bobby Whistle without my game completely dashboarding (playing on the xbox). Just reporting it in; I'll probably end up just not using it until there's a patch. Otherwise I've had very few bugs/glitches ? Nice work Compulsion!
  4. Yeah, I just killed Faraday, and I'm trying to get his password. I can't find it anywhere got his key though
  5. @CrisRo Oh ok, I thought I turned it on. It sounds useful. I call it Joy Town too, I get it lol. Isn't it called Hamlyn? I just get upset because it almost feels like I wasted a huge time investment! Perma-death on the full game is going to be outrageous. Think about being 75% through the story and dying!!
  6. So Alfie will sometimes say: "You would have to be insane to stay sane in this world" (paraphrased) but the subtitles read "The best people in this world are mad people" (also paraphrased). Not really crucial or anything.. But intentional or not?
  7. Me too! The suspense is unreal, and I also feel like it's the way the game should be played. What does the second wind option do again? .-. That's what I was thinking too. Some kind of warning system before sleeping or doing certain events would be greatly appreciated. But maybe the devs want a sense of "one wrong move and your screwed". But it would save some frustration imo
  8. Just curious to see how many people are actually willing to brave Welllington Wells with only one life. I just died for the second time and I've only had the game for two days! Makes me wonder if I just suck or if this game is gnar to the max. Permadeath is punishing and very interesting, but some of the survival mechanics (like "over-sleeping" then dying of thirst/hunger 10 secs after waking up GRRRRRRR) make me HATE THIS GAME... Not really. But for a small moment. Knowing the map changes every time adds sooo much pressure, and my second play through I even expanded my whole inventory searching ONE house. Playing this on perma-death is like betting all or nothing.. Its frightening lol. So who's playing perma-death? Any regrets? Any complaints? ALSO: What is the longest you've survived?? Cheers!
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