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  1. Another question, however unrelated, is what does the option in Arcade mode for World Layout actually do? It offers "Line" or "Tree". A descriptive tool tip is absent for this one. What is the difference exactly?
  2. I havent played in over a year and thought id come back and finish the campaign and mess around with all the arcade options. I feel like im not checking an option or something. I remember being able to stealth kill from behind with Y button (xbox) where it chokes them out. I also remember being able to stealth kill them in their sleep with a pillow. Are these abilities actually removed for some reason?
  3. Yep. Last post regarding a patch was August 17
  4. Im downloading a 6gb patch. Where can i find the link to patch note information? When do I get the Jolly Brolly I still dont have?
  5. I am on standard xbox one with a ssd external drive the game is saved on and have no real frame rate issues. Unknown if the ssd is truly helping this performance, but theres that
  6. Glad im at least not alone in noticing im missing this freaky lil toy!!
  7. I still dont have mine either..
  8. It sounds like theyre still doing some testing with the world generation. I just hope and look forward to seeing more elevation that Ive seen in previous early builds.
  9. nice! I remember these were the bomb and my dad was the only one allowed to sit in it on movie night https://eq3.com/us/en/productdetail/eq3plus/in-good-company/herman-miller/eames-lounge-chair-and-ottoman.html
  10. May be doing a run again here in next few hours. Ill post if I do
  11. Oh im not done yet, that was just the first stream/start of the game save/run. I was juuuuuust a bit out of it during that recording (SUCH an understatement haha, i was ALL OVER the place) but vowed to be more with it when I continue it I can actually sound like an intelligent and together chap when not at the end of an all nighter with me buzzes etc
  12. So I saw the latest Compulsion video and noticed a familiar symbol for Herman Miller, a furniture company. This struck me a bits since I was born and raised in the home town the company was founded in, Zeeland Michigan. My entire family (sans me) worked there. Crazy small world I tell ya..
  13. Sometime in the next few minutes. Hey, im up yet, so technically its still "later tonight!"
  14. I will be doing a Twitch stream some time late tonight. It will be a run from start to "finish" on the Vigilante difficulty (hardest) with Permadeath on. So the goal will be to survive long enough to escape the island. If that happens, I will then go back and do all other available quests until full completion or Death. Will I get to the end? All quests? Or will I die in 5-10 minutes? We'll see! (ill post here when I start it, as well as likely upload it to YouTube)
  15. Holy shite. Pop another joy! (lol)
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