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  1. Actually - I don't think the vacuum does anything at this point in the game. I think you just need to find a leaking pipe in Hamlyn and you'll be able to fill it. There should be a few bobbies around the area, with a dead Hamlyn citizen with a bucket at his side.
  2. I feel like thanks to early access being so common now, the term alpha doesn't carry the weight it should. I see quite a few people expect a game at alpha status to be of beta quality. The two are different. The game is currently version .2x. For comparison a launched/finished version of software is version 1.0 You are playing a game that is 2x% complete. It's not a stress beta before a gold release, where they are in the 90% area and just looking to harvest bug reports. In my opinion, it's pretty polished to be this early in alpha. You are paying 'X' dollars instead of final MSRP, which seems like a fair tradeoff.
  3. Sorry my last response was incohherent. I can't manage to get the desktop version on my S7 and it won't allow me to edit from my mobile.
  4. @Trypno Joy isn't meant to be a paychadellic. Think of it as super xanex. The purpose of joy is to repress bad memories and make someone happy. Imagine throwing your parents in a furnace, because you had to survive. The memories of doing that would be pretty brutal. Fortunately, you had to and the good folks of the local government have a pill to make it all better.
  5. @SithLordJake Bethesda has control over the source engine, whereas Compulsion is using Unreal Engine 4. A good idea of how viable that would be, would to look into how many UE4 games have done this. I don't recall seeing modding as natively supported for this title anyway.
  6. @Iris_Lockspur Thamks! But I mentioned it in another thread Wasn't sure if intentional or design flaw.
  7. Nevermind, found it. It was Ghost. By the way devs, I love the comments. "You feel ethereal"
  8. Not sure if it implemented or not, but I can't find anything about it in the console. I just started playing around with the console, so I have by no means done a search worth anything.
  9. This is the joys of the game being procedurally generated. There is also a "Simon Says" bridge, where you have to play Simon Says to re-enter Hamlyn/AppleHolm/Town/WhateverItsCalled. Though, it seems broken, they need to tone down the spanker damage in that area.
  10. @Shirley - You get the constable's keycard from the apple tree @Adwel - due to the game being procedurally generated, there is a chance that you can make it to Hamlyn from the second downer area (where you go the keycard). Dunno the odds of this, but it happens upon occasion.
  11. You get the password after completing the quests for Dr. Faraday. Look for Faraday's Workshop in Hamlyn to start the quest line.
  12. Another Hint: You'll find a sign outside of the castle that shows a picture of a pill plus a crescent moon.
  13. I LOVE this idea! However, I want Wellie Mode to be unlockable - so maybe disable the ability to take the joy until you have finished a playthrough as 'X' character.
  14. I've noticed that unlike a number of other quests, if you don't have room - she won't drop it at your feet.
  15. If you look in your journal after you finish the quest - it mentions that he is just mad, but that Arthur would like to be mad too.
  16. AlbinoNinja2k - using my current strat, this is a pretty normal day three for me. Maybe this is not the norm, but with a bit of proper strategy, you shouldn't have any difficulty with early game food/water I can only think of a handful of playthroughs where I've had to eat rotten food Edit: Sorry WhitestofNinjas - this is what I get for saving it as a draft and coming back the next day However, if anyone is having too hard a time, PM me and I will happily lend a hand
  17. Sounds like a bug with aggression. Might be a global variable or something. I've had perma-agression before, where no matter how much time passes, wastrels/wellies still attack me.
  18. Weird. Do you have enough cash to pick up one from the odds n' ends shop, just to see if having 6 makes a difference?
  19. The next phase ends the quest and you get you no reward currently. I've completed that quest three times with the same results unfortunately
  20. @RicksterTheHipster - Second wind basically gives you another chance when you are in a bind. It's on by default, I believe. It just completely negates permadeath so long as you don't play too loose.
  21. I've only been playing perma-death. If it's too hard, try turning on second wind and leaving some healing balms in your inventory, water, and food. I've yet to oversleep, but it seems pretty common. Devs might want to put in a "too hungry/thirsty to sleep" mechanic, where if you are at the 10/20% threshold, you cannot sleep and it wakes you from sleep.
  22. This is what you are supposed to do: When you walk into the area, there should be three spankers (shocker things), a door in front of you that is blocked and a door to the left that is blocked. On the wall where the shutter is, is a trap panel - disable this trap panel. This will make the shutter door open, then reverse the polarity on the trap inside. This will also cause the shutter to open. Once inside, throw the alarm to shock all of the Bobbies in the previous area (it will cause the shutter to close). Be careful not to get spanked by the one spanker on the other side of that shutter.
  23. Faraday is a woman - at the very top of the building you'll have a hallway with two doors that have metal shutters on them. There is an alarm lever, that when pulled will open up the shutter. Faraday is buggy though, often she won't spawn or will spawn stuck in the floor for me. Edit: There are two alarms. Don't bother with the broken alarm (has a cut wire).
  24. I agree with H4llows & tec - the individual islands should have name text and it would be nice be able to set custom waypoints (possibly with custom text). HOWEVER, I don't know tricky that would be to implement this late into the design phase. We should also keep in consideration that it's still alpha, and that I don't know how difficult it would be to implement this. The text name of the islands sounds relatively easy, waypoints feels much more complex - but I haven't worked with UE4 in depth like that, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
  25. If you are having a hard time finding food - this might help you out when you start your game. In the garden district there is usually a large area of plants that spawn. It's a large open area with no other structures around. I usually spend my first day focused on getting as many of the Blue (edible), Red (healing), Orange (Can be eaten in a pinch, should be saved for elite healing salve), and Canteens as possible. Hope that helps! To add - typically this is on one of the far sides of the island.
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