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  1. The NPCs (particularly the Bobbies) do make references to needing Arthur to be taken "to see the doctor."
  2. Realizing there are fixes, certifications, and whatnot involved, but is the Xbox One changes still on course go through this week? (Ran into the Unspawned Faraday Bug again in alpha 277, want to restart after update is live.) Thanks!
  3. Also the Red Riding Hood and the Wolf references are abound too, particularly the Shroom House and Uncle Jacks version of the story.
  4. The intro contains canisters of news articles to redact...including one about registry of all children under 13 and a "breeders riot" involving a pregnant woman. By noting the passage of time, the children should be adults by the setting of the game.
  5. Second load I have the worshippers, but the Mass dialogue won't play so playing the bongos does nothing. Can give apples to anyone, though...
  6. Same, though it let me talk to the doctor floating above my head in the invisible wall. Nothing major, just the general pleasantries...
  7. Got crashes at both shops, especially trying to get the valve...
  8. I think I accidentally stumped the program when I got into Joyland and was given the quest to get lily bulbs for the little lady...I had dug up the bulbs already in the game in the garden district...and ate them. In my defense, Arthur was hungry and didn't know there was a destiny for them. Seems unable to go back now and find new ones now, though the dig site is still on the map.
  9. Agreed, also Tetris like. Bottles are often stored sideways, etc IRL...
  10. Also if you down the Tollman, you can get the honey back, food supply!
  11. I had the same issue with Ralph...ended up getting a constable card from the apple tree area, going over the other bridge using that, there are some fully charged power cells at drops in the posher houses so I was able to get back to power the bridge and the TV in the Cult of Jack.
  12. A normal human shoukd be able to go at least 2-3 days without food, and at least a day without water...though with exertion for either faintness would certainly occur sooner, IMHO.
  13. I would further suggest a waypoint setting, so that the player can set a homing point to get to where they want.
  14. I have two torches with full power cells in them, but am unable to remove them. Came across this when trying to work around the Ralphing Man, who seems to be stuck without any further prompts (might have gotten bumped into when dispatching the mob around him) and so can't get the powered cells from him. Since there is the bridge and the Cult of Jack so far, being able to disassemble, switch out and reassemble the power cells via crafting would be nice to complete the quests . (Apologies if this is noted elsewhere...)
  15. My feedback is for perhaps larger personal safe storage as well, there are so many bobs and bits accumulated that I have them sitting outside the safe as well as the safe all filled up.
  16. It seems like I would wake up, organize or shuffle my personal safe and do crafting, and it would indicate needing sleep, food, and water right after (even if I just did all three). The time passing vs the time of messages spoken from Uncle Jack don't match up. (Xbox One)
  17. Not able to set off the Yam Mass no matter how I try. The whole 'Night' just the one NPC reading his book to the chair and both man and book disappearing at dawn. Does not let me play the bongos (I have the Xbox One version)
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