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  1. Without anything taxing going on, I do note that Arthur gets hungry around mealtime and sleepy around midnight ish give or take. A bit less when excitement, fatigue, injury or other factors are in play, but overall more balanced. I think the thrust meter should go quicker in times of sickness and sick tea, like it tends to do post Joy- puking dehydrates... but that's my only "realism" gripe with the rebalance (possibly because I work in a hospital and am more picky.) The effects of Joy are better balanced too, no longer seems like everyone needs to pop them like mints.
  2. I have gotten Ralph four times on two different versions thus far, and only the one I am currently on (v28977 second play) had given me the option of both talking to him and giving him a pill, thus completing the power cell mission that way for the first time (otherwise made to go the keycard route).
  3. I think that one of the triggers, or lack of trigger in this case, is my immediate going left or right into the fields as close as possible after exitting the bridge doors to avoid the Bobbies at night.
  4. One of mine opened a chest on top of the tower (wouldn't let me use lockpick.) The play through I had before gave me two keys to the same thing but didn't open anything...took up space in the inventory for a bit though.
  5. Nearly the same issue on my game as well, went and got the sugar, and had to jump pout the side to avoid getting attacked. Still asking to get the sugar.
  6. Update: This new play through its the Duck Soup lines at the Campfire repeating the the subtitles, day or night (nighttime quest), inside the safehouse or other side of town.
  7. Also have ended up with 7 pocket expanders this play through before leaving the first island, (wherea the first play through on v28977 I only found two the entire time) Also NPCs carrying enough branches each to make Christmas trees...
  8. Just some feedback, when I went through the garden district the first time after the update, I found that the reduction of Neximide pills and the introduction of the sick made the former more valuable for missions and strategy. Just started a second play through with v28977, and this time it has got me practically drowning in the Nexamide pills and pocket expanders in nearly all the house chests. Might have something to do with the procedural generation, but I think the former scenerio with the more rare Neximide pills worked better for the survival tactic flow of the game.
  9. In my case I did "ghost" to get to Faraday, and how now progressed to the scavaging...as soon as I can find the right cars.
  10. Xbox 28977, the crashes most likely to occur when buying from the shops. Seems particularly with the top items on each list on mine.
  11. Twice now I have left Hamlyn for a mission and have come back to find my safehouse (and the whole park around it) gone, arriving at the right place per map and memory, and finding a large vacant lot instead. Which made it interesting when the Bobbies were chasing me at night. Granted it does mess with one's mind a bit with the Joy or lack of going on, hunger and sleep needs, and heightens paranoia, but it seems like other important points wouldn't automatically fill in either (though the map still shows where they are supposed to be), again lots of vacant lots instead. Making Hamlyn seem very spacious. Things would revert to the norm as soon as the system triggers the load screen with the tips, just noting that this load does not seem to be happening right upon entering a new island on Xbox v28977, but the rest of the game timeline continues.
  12. Actually all of the bartering, but the new Treehouse one seems to be the most buggy at the moment. Some items in the Treehouse, like the books- have prices, but when purchased no money changes, and the interface keeps blinking at the top and bottom (like its continually trying to scroll or switch action without being prompted). All three bartering areas still seem to kick me out of the game more often than any other issue does. (Xbox v28977) to the point where I am forcing a save before bartering as to avoid not losing progress in case a purchase kicks me off.
  13. I am running across on the 28977 Xbox version that I have gotten a bucket of moteline, but it won't let me give it to Faraday who is working in the back of her room and I can't seem to get her attention to come closer. Even with a rubber duck
  14. Can I just say that since the newest update, the Bobbies in Hamlyn are extra creepy? That is meant as a huge compliment. /'I do so like Hide and Seek"
  15. Very minor thing, but noting many times that Arthur and/or the NPCs would have a "walking on hard ground" footsteps in the grass. One point I had a few female NPCs chasing me in a field and it sounded like a bunch of high heels doing a sprint on a sidewalk. (Don't get me wrong, it made it easier to hear if they were still following me...)
  16. Thanks! To clarify I was trying g to write the line "convusions" was following me everywhere, I think related to the OD resident on the street.
  17. I've noticed this still happening as well, from booting the game on Xbox dashboard in my case.
  18. Noticed that the subtitlesasubtitlesa stick a bit, for instance I have had "" displaying pretty much all through Hamlyn so far, even the load screen and in the safe house. And Crazy Legs line following me everywhere as well. Also coming across floating hats, one chef's hat in the garden district, does not seem to be related to Haute Cuisine quest, just a rug with a floating chef's hat and a chest. The other time so far is Rogers hat floating by the dance pole, no Roger, just his hat midair not moving.
  19. I like the upgrade to the house, before it was completely abandoned. This time I failed at not being seen, went back to the house again after being "teleported", but noticed "Takedowns" generally didn't work at all when sneaking and fighting put the NPCs heads through walls (not stuck in the walls or banging against them), but going through as if walls were not there, and returning to continue fight).
  20. I like that the Nexemide pills are no longer as plentiful , and we have some Hurling tea to gather, make and use instead. Makes surviving the garden area more questful. I would suggest though that the thirst and rest meters rise more rapidly for some time after, due to dehydration post puking etc. I can get that one might not be hungry for a bit after food poisoning, but the thirst should almost be exponential and Arthur should be light headed for a bit.
  21. Just a very minor thing- Noticed that the redactor articles are rolling in with the "approved" symbol already on it, (from the canister, prior to Arthur's action) and that it floats up or down as Arthur is centering on the article. Not sure if this is a glitch.
  22. Just a hopeful tweek asking for any number of additional phrases to mix it up in the game a bit when navigating. Or different voices saying the lines, or combo. I myself keep getting the "man's home is his castle" and "not a bed and breakfast" lines in the Garden district, all the Bobbies saying the same lines the same time "Right!" all over Hamlyn at night, and all the Pepperpots having the same 3-5 lines in the same voice. Maybe you can get all the folks in your office to contribute a few lines a piece during a holiday party near a recording booth. I am sure someone will be willing to say "Bees Knees"
  23. And of course Jack in Dr garb in the prologue.
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