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  1. No need to apologize, you all probably got a list a mile long, figured that's part of the point of having all these other eyeballs covering all the bases.
  2. For me it would reset, but with the third guy in the library always sending me back. The linen collected would disappear but figured that as a punishment for being seen.
  3. Still not moving for me. She never moves for me.
  4. (The late sunset part and the sun rising in the west, anyways)
  5. Man, I was beginning to think I was just being nitpicky about this: http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/20940/sun-moon-setting-in-the-east-xbox-30263
  6. The Compulsion title screen and the Unreal Engine title screen, specifically.
  7. Still getting that the first two people I run across see me, (in the kitchen and in the dining room/fireplace) go into a defensive stance, and then stay that way as I walk around them and move on without them doing anything further, just frozen. Doesn't affect the "not being seen" part either, though obviously by the "spooked" sound they first make, I have obviously been seen.
  8. Got the proper suits for the couple, but now it won't let me give it to them. This is the first time I've actually gotten this side quest so not sure if this is a new issue or a continuing one. I put the proper suits in their suitcase for now.
  9. On Walkabout, the ghost comes out but she still just stays in the park. Kind of a easy "pursue". Haven't yet been able to complete this quest in the three alpha versions because of the ghost being a diva.
  10. I believe Tec is right in that its a randomly generated thing based off chance. I didn't see it as a glitch, but my feedback would be a reduced maximum of both neximide and Joy somehow, otherwise the commodity of them and the sick up tea is wasted in a survival challenge. Same with the clean vs spoiled food in that capacity. Plenty of berries in this run through so far.
  11. The bartering menu is still self scrolling and blinking at the Treehouse as if trying to get to a row below the last item offered. I can't buy stuff with the Y button but can with the X and moving items to inventory. (Payment subtracts once added to inventory.)
  12. With the Xbox 30263 Alpha, my latest playthrough has so many Nexi pills that I don't need to use any of the sick up tea. This includes giving pills out to beggars and the quests. still have a good bunch for the first "5 Days" of the game. Seems like it should be rarer than is is for Arthur's needs. (Then again, the hidden Joy pills in the Garden district are more plentiful than needed, IMHO)
  13. Actually not sure if this is technical, or a purposeful choice to show the alt history world...if the latter, then nothing to see here... Sun always rises in the West and sets in the East, and the sunset light is still happening at near 11p at times. Not really a complaint, but does affect what time one goes into the Mystery House or try to get the ghost to move...but that may be purposeful too.
  14. (Yeah, just downloaded it, already have something to say about it Love the new music, but notice that it cuts out in the exact same places on the intro as the other music did. (Compulsions Title card, Village views) Least, on the Xbox One. Not sure if this was happening on the PC.
  15. Tried to give crash syringe when I got this, but it wouldn't give me the option, so the dude died, everyone started chasing me, and I later got the same scene tec did above.
  16. I want to say that the earlier version there was a sign to read/examine, like with the bees, that mentioned to be sure to put your rubber suit on before going upstairs. But I only saw it once and haven't since even though I got the House every play though, so admittedly I wasn't looking hard with that requirement from the first experience (have rubber suit, will travel) in mind. Now I just go get one when arriving and then pay the sovereigns.
  17. I came close to getting the ghost to finally work on the last play, she led me to her grave and it gave me the option to dig, but alas did not have the shovel at the time. When I got one (at Give a Pig a Pancake) and came back the next night, she reappeared at the park again but wouldn't move. The option to dig at the grave was gone. The play through I am on right now (had to restart due to crashes) generated the park and grave a lot further apart. So the ghost got about halfway in leading me therr, but stopped at the corner of a street halfway and doesn't move from there...maybe the system thought the grave was generated to that spot? "Pursue the Ghost" checked off when she stopped.
  18. I think so. I remember in the first addition there was something that spoke to that effect. Don't remember seeing it after the update. There is a spare one in the room on the other side past the Bobbie...
  19. When you pause the screen, pick "options", then "developers cheats", the ghost option is in in that pull down. I had to use this for the same reason, to talk to Faraday in the back of the room to progress the mission.
  20. Coming across the same on mine (Xbox), the only pattern I have noticed is that I have been to other Holms and then returned to the garden district to complete a quest or resupply. The flowers and berries are there, but no option to harvest some of them.
  21. The first hatch is requiring to craft a jimmy bar every time to exit, which essentially broke my Hubby's game when he ran out of metal bits and couldn't leave. (Had to go into ghost mode to continue the game. And found Mrs Stokes in the process.)
  22. I am getting this too, as well as other lines on other islands. Duck soup, someones convulsions on Hamlyn (BTW subtitles on "convusions" unintentionally humorous to me), kill the wolf, like one like follows me on every area except maybe Raven Holm.
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