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  1. Really the only thing I'd done before that point was sleep in the bunker and return topside. There weren't any effects or statuses I was under, aside from the usual hunger and thirst. I was always VERY careful about riding out the withdrawals from Joy in a safehouse or a closed area. It's funny, too, because other times they seem to ignore me no matter what's going on! If it happens more often, I'll be sure to post (fyi this is before the major update you guys did, haven't hopped on since)
  2. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I need to be on Joy literally 24/7 while I'm in town, but I'll be walking around doing absolutely nothing when crowds of people suddenly look at me and scream Downer. I have no status debuffs, I'm wearing a proper suit...I have no idea why this happens every so often.
  3. I completed the Ephemeral Linen quest. I grabbed all that I could and it checked off the quest(even got the acheivement for not being seen). Went to turn it in to the man in the treehouse and they're gone from my inventory?? I went back to see if I can grab another or if I missed anything, and there are NPCs stuck in the dang floor that I CAN'T see that spot me and teleport me to the safehouse. Broken.
  4. When I pay the honey toll, it would be a ton easier to give single items of honey. That way I have two more for two more trips. The way it is now, I have to go back and get another honeycomb to pay another toll trip because he'll take all 3 in one trip if I let him.
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