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  1. @Otherbuttons I see. Well, ill just have to keep trying. I usually cant sleep too much. And i still am very forgetfull of my dreams. For all i know i could be having lucid dreams and just not remembering. Anyway, thanks for answearing. Happy dreaming.
  2. Oh i wish i could find the post explaining it, i'll try to. But basically you play as a normal wellie and hunt down downers
  3. I'm laughing maniacally. MUAHAHA Yes i love the combo idea haha. Also combos for murdering, why not? I love gamey things in videogames. I'm all up for stats, best times and max scores, specially in a rogue-like game as this one. With that said, combos imply you'll have a visual indication of what you're doing, or else whats the fun in combos? Having an on-screen combo visual indicator would be distracting, and maybe even take some people completely out of the experience. For a lot of people, having as little ui as possible is very important for immersion. Combos are most fun when they show up flashing on the screen with satisfying sound effects. I can't see that fitting in the mood here. It sounds perfect for Wellie Mode tho
  4. Damn, thats rough. Night terrors are problably one the scariest things aknowledged by science. Ive seen a documentary on netflix about it, but if you already have these i dont think its a good idea to watch. And its important to throw your ideas, thats why we are here right I just mean you dont have to worry, i doubt its gonna be as simple as tagging everyone with a hello. About the controls, i dont think theres an issue, you can always add more controls even to a gamepad. I play Elite Dangerous on a gamepad, and theres a gazillion controls. It can get maybe too complicated (i love fiddling with control schemes so i dont mind, but im sure not everyone feels this way ^^), but its totally doable. Its like Y+up does one thing; Y+down another; B+Y another; B+left another. And so it goes.
  5. Haha, must be very trippy dreams. I just found out this discussion on game dreams. I think a lot of players agree with you here, i sure do. But its a long process, its all WIP. We'll see gameplay get deeper as all ideas are sorted out and all mechanics are introduced. Cheers.
  6. This is so cool!!! I didnt know this had a name. I love dreaming as much as i love games, the two mix all the time. I love how dream scenarios feels like levels in a game. A very interesting one is Minecraft. Blocky dreams with crazy architecture and landscapes. A bad one is Dota, i love Dota but being in that battlefield is stressful. Also buzzing past planets in 3x the speed of light as in Elite Dangerous feels pretty amazing, until you crash and wake up. @Otherbuttons Hello! I have questions. Did you develop your lucid dreaming abilities or did they come naturally? I only ever had lucid dreams as a kid Dont know if you know this, but having multiple naps instead of a long single sleep makes your chances to have lucid dreams grow by a LOT. That might be the single best thing if you want to have lucid dreams. Unfortunately, i can't nap. Never could. So do ou have tips or are you just a natural oneironaut?
  7. I dong this frustrating little game, its called GIRP. Just look it up on google. Nice thread, but i guess it should be moved to general ranting Noone will mind tho. But hey! What are you dong right now @MariahCarey ?
  8. In the Dust mod on Fallout:NV you can get sanity back by looting wich feels pretty good. Someone else has given the same idea here on the forums somewhere. I remember the person suggested that crafting and sleeping could restore sanity. There could be many little things that restore it.
  9. Hello there, i am not any sort of artist and dont do any modeling, but i do enjoy spending time on Polycount and Gameartisans to see things people create and the feedback they get. One thing that caught my eye immediatly were the very white walls. It makes me think: how do these worn down walls looks so clean? The wear on the texture looks great. I think adding some dirt as a bit of colour to them would feel better. Again this is just an amateurs opinion. As for the drink i'll say this: Wellies party like they are tequila high.
  10. @shmerl That Damnation Alley poster immediatly reminded me of Akira. I have never read any science fiction even tho i love the genre, because i have problemz. I'll be sure to check that one out. I love apocalyptic anythings. Thats a good one. But i have a thing for documentaries, i think my favorite movie ever might be Home. As for actual movies, i really like Enter the Void, but it is real heavy stuff. And for more lighthearted ones i really enjoy movies involving kids like: Electrick Children and La faute à Fidel! Sorry, if i were to pick only one i would never post. Dammit, forgot about Stalker.
  11. I do believe its a temporary thing, you can see hills and curves in old versions. Its also on the community feedback board. I'm excited to see them back in, it looks gorgeous on screens.
  12. Ever since the game was showed plp went nuts over it. I see this happen more often when the graphics are not realistic. When visuals are colorful and stylized people seem to have more strong feelings towards it. But im just guessing. I have not played the game and only seen videos. But ever since the second trailer it looked to me like a mix of Elite: Dangerous and Starbound. Wich would be great. But it doesnt have the amazing flight mechanics of Elite, and lacks the cheer awesomeness of Starbound. I may be terribly wrong. It feels like if exploration was harder/more complicated it would be a great game, for me. Again, havent played it, but i dont think i will anytime soon.
  13. @Sam From the way i wrote the post it may sound like i have beatean it once and tried again recently. Let me clarify: hell no. I only got as far as beating the blue bear boss, at the end of the forest level, once or twice. And that game is so big, it is beautiful insane.
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