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  1. I've been playing Roguelikes for years, so permadeath is something I'm used to by now. Frankly I'm a little afraid of picking up a Roguelike game on Early Access, since 99% of the fun comes from the fair challenge and the extreme amount of balance a good Roguelike requires to be fun, but after the first couple of deaths I felt the game was at least on a base line very playable, and I just need to keep my eyes more open on future playthroughs.
  2. Have you ever hung out with a friend who drank way too much, and tried talking to them while they're coming down? It's pretty spot on to how the Downers treat the Player Character. Showcasing the effects of Joy, both the ups and the downs, seems to be very central to the game designers' choices when scripting npcs.
  3. This is literally the core mechanic of Roguelikes ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roguelike ) Permadeath gives you a different experience from games like Skyrim and Fallout by forcing you to weigh your risks more heavily. For example, in Skyrim, you can try robbing a house that's obviously too difficult because you know you can always reload. Roguelikes, on the other hand, force you to think more critically and spend a little more time casing places and maybe leaving a place alone until you have a Paradox device or something.
  4. One thing that always, always threw me for a loop in first-person games with NPC interaction was how NPCs always turn perfectly square towards you when you interact with them. No matter what they were doing or where they were going, or how they eventually treat you, they always drop everything and "home" themselves to the same perfectly square angle to you before beginning their script. Not sure how flexible the engine is, but is it possible to give NPCs a certain degree of apathy towards the Player Character? Like, if an NPC is walking somewhere and internally has nothing to actually offer the player other than a voice line and maybe a gift opportunity, they could instead just slightly turn towards the player but keep walking along their course while saying their line? Especially if you're 'blended in', it just seems to break realism when you're suddenly a 5 star general and everyone stands at stark attention to address you, even while puking their guts out.
  5. Gotcha. The first time I played the game, I misread the description and thought that sleeping would cure the plague.... and it did! So I guess that was the actual bug: sometimes sleeping "cures" the plague
  6. eating rotten food and popping a pill is a strategy I used sometimes when im out of good food, but i dont seem to find that many of those pills in my playthroughs...
  7. Blue Berries ( i forget their name ). if you're lucky, a while trove of them will spawn outside your house, and it only takes 4 to fill up a day's worth of food iirc
  8. It would definitely be an interesting mechanic, as such actions attract attention anyway. Maybe to balance the "free joy", you have to wait until everyone leaves the playground to start playing or it look suspicious? Same with the piano, people come running when they hear you play it so you have to bail before they get there?
  9. As it says on the tin. Please see attached screenshot clearly showing my character blinking in the bright sunlight while looking West, and the time says 7:57 AM Literally unplayable. ( srsly though idk if this was meant to be 'dystopian' or not )
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