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  1. Haute Cuisin: after quest is completed the quest does not go to the completed list. Plough Boy's Lunch: I left him on the floor to escape a brawl and sleep. Now he is nowhere to be found but his voice can be heard if you go to the quest location. It's A Terrible Life: there is no option to give the man his items and his wife is standing on the bed. Public Works: the guy does not exist. Can't give a man his coffee if he's not real. Mystery House (this one isn't really a bug I just wanted to comment on it): whenever I takeout someone it kicks me out of the house. I don't know if that is an intentional new feature I just know that before you could knock them out, you just couldn't be seen by them.
  2. After saving the game and coming back to it I've been having this issue: the load screen doesn't show up how it's supposed to, it shows my reticle and quick slots (which all contain 10 rocks in them for some reason) in front of a black screen, then, once it finally loads the game, I am stuck on the bench. I can't move what so ever, not even to pause the game. I managed to surpass this problem once by bashing the pause button during the loading process and it let control the game once it loaded and brought up the menu, but now if I do this the game freezes on the pause menu.
  3. When you get to the plagued area on the other side of the Honey Bee Gate there is a bridge you cannot access do to the quarantine, but if you go through the other side, where you have to press the button to open the doors, those doors open and close behind you. From there on you are stuck in that room because no door will open and there is no button to reopen those doors from the inside. So you are then stuck in a room with a creepy doctor watching over you at his post through a glass window, yay...
  4. The problem disappeared once I restarted the game, but should still be looked into none the less.
  5. I, for the first time, have entered Hamlyn, and I forgot that if you run that they will notice that you are a downer. I left Hamlyn to return to the Garden District, put on my torn suit, and no matter what I do the downers continuously attack me at first glance; they don't even bother to observe me like they do when you wear a Simple Suit. I don't know if this is a regular feature of the game, and if it is it should definitely be looked upon for it takes away from the entire experience. It is really annoying.
  6. I should probably mention I'm play WHO on Xbox One.
  7. For Sibboleth, whenever Daphne would speak she would stop half way through her sentence .
  8. I picked up the sugar for the quest Sweets before the quest was activated, and it has not registered that I have the sugar.
  9. The ghost of Walkabout does not move, although the quest says to follow her. For Johnny Bolton, Special Agent! the Encounter icon disappears and once Peachy is found the game does not register it. This is more of a personal mistake, but maybe it can be fixed: I accidentally used Takedown on the Wastrel in If you Give A Pig A Pancake when I tried giving him the Purple Pill, and now it won't allow me to speak with him or give him the Pill.
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