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  1. I have a full set of pockets (F key). When I first played the game I was able to increase my inventory space quite a lot. That seems to have disappeared. However with only 1/2 the inventory space I have finished the game by paddling out on the raft to the area with the big tall buildings. It says that more is to come. I hope so. This was enjoyable despite getting killed many many times.
  2. When I first started playing you would encounter objects that would increase your inventory space. I am having a lot of problems as I have not found any way to increase this since the latest batch of upgrades . I have found pocket expanders (F Key) but nothing that increases my inventory space. I think you need this in order play the game. I am having to leave things behind that might be valuable because I do not have any space and the things I have, seem to be too valuable to discard.
  3. I found a rubber duck in the game when I broke into a house. I think it was in a bath. I didn't have the inventory space so I left it.
  4. Find the dialog of many NPCs very repetitious and boring after a while
  5. In the safe house put items into the safe (stash). They just disappeared. Got stuck next to a tree and had to quit the game. Couldn't move away.
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