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  1. @Horrowshow Arthur just looks so done. I love your art, it looks so nice!
  2. what season is that???


  3. @sauceman Woah, that's really cool! And also very heart-wrenching. Arthur doesn't seem like the kind of person that would just randomly kill people, so a dream sequence would be rad.
  4. C O L O N T H R E E. I N T E R N E T F A CE

  5. Reader-inserts are fanfiction that put you (the reader) into a fandom. Here is Fanlore's definition: Reader-Insert is a type of fanfiction, almost always written in 2nd person Point of View; the protagonist is always the reader, and is usually paired with one of the sexy canon characters. (Definition of "sexy" is left to the author.) It may or may not have a hyphen (although it usually does), and it's also known as Canon X Reader (sometimes, CanonXReader).
  6. AKA "Yes, I Was That Anon". Do you guys think that reader-inserts for WHF would be weird? I've already asked this question on Tumblr, but I'd still like some thoughts. See, reader-inserts is what I do. But I'm not sure if ones for WHF would be okay with everyone else.
  7. You can also call this thread, "I'm An Overemotional Mess Sometimes And This Applies To Creepy Games As Well". My friends like to call me an angst monger. I kinda believe them. I found a few things that make me sad in the game, through watching Let's Plays and reading theories because, sadly, I don't have enough money to buy the game. One of the is the "It's a Terrible Life" quest, especially how it ends. I felt really bad for the couple there. George just wanted to help his Mary. Another - oh boy - are Arthur's voice lines. Now, Arthur really needs a hug and some lines really prove that he does. Some of his takedown lines ("Please don't struggle.", "Look, it's not you, it's me.", "I know. Trust me, I know.") have just really made me want to hug the guy. The voice acting makes it worse; it's so good, and when I hear Arthur speak sometimes it makes me feel so bad. Kudos to Arthur's VA! If you've seen some mood-dampering things in We Happy Few as well, feel free to post them here!
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