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  1. Thanks for the info! Haha weird so I started agaim from my last save and it just said I had already given the bucket to Faraday. That works too!
  2. Thanks for your help! How to I put this mode on on xbox one?
  3. Started playing again today after the new update and Faraday now appears in the workshop so I could talk to her and jeep progressing in the game, yus! Only problem now is I can't give her the full motiline bucket that I went and filled up at the Downer Investigation area. She just stays right at the back of the room so I can't talk to her. Any solution to this? Or is this a new bug now?
  4. Awesome! So many good updates here, can't wait! Will these updates take effect when loading a saved game or will I need to start a new game? Im currently stuck in Faradays workshop as the lady doesn't appear after flicking the switch upstairs so I can't progress any further :-(
  5. Looks like there is a big update being released very soon that fixes this, amongst many other things so probably worth waiting - http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/5963/community-balance-update-preview-branch-28596
  6. Guess if that's the case I will just wait until full release! That sucks that this glitch only happens to some people too... Seen other people on youtube complete it without any glitch
  7. Hey guys. I have a major glitch happening in faradays lab. I have flicked the switch upstairs to open the door to the lab beside it and then it says to talk to the lady in there byt she does not appear. Even after saving outside the gate and reloading. Anyone else experiencing this? Need to get in there to get the code to escape!
  8. Hey guys, Don't know if anyone else here has experienced this but I flicked the alarm switch in Faradays lab and it says to then talk to the person inside the lab but shes nowhere to be seen. Tried saving outside of gate and then reloading but still no luck. I need to get in there to get the code so I can escape! Will this be fixed soon? Does anyone know a fix for this?
  9. Thanks! Ended up just getting the key card and it let me through the door
  10. Hey guys, just srarted playing this today and I'm up to the part where you need to get a power cell for the bridge crossing. I accidentally killed the guy Im supposed to get it off and now he sometimes spawns, but I can't give him the pill he needs so that I can get the powercell. Now hes not even spawning at all. Is this a glitch or can I get a powercell another way?
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