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  1. whoa how the heck did you inject someone with that?
  2. The developers have said that there will be some areas above ground that in some playthroughs might be blocked and will require underground travel to reach. Hence the torches because right now it doesnt get dark enough to need a flashlight but its going to be really dark in the tunnels they say so we will see... or not see... who knows
  3. I agree with lucigen as far as the game is too easy. The only difficult part is getting around the quest bugs. .
  4. I agree with everyone permadeath is the way to go definitely adds more excitement but also makes you think about your next action like is it worth having to start the whole game over again?. But the best part is if you die you get to start a whole new game with different quests and what not. Once the game is fully released thee will be tons of differences between each playthrough. Also I find it kind of hard to die after I played through it once the only thing that has killed me is getting the plague early on and not being able to craft or find the right drug. Other than that food and water are readily available and once you get to the joy town (im horrible with names) you will find lots of not spoiled food and other goodies.
  5. Once you kill a guard and get his key card it will unlock the blueprint best way to do this is to do the blood on the streets quest easy way to kill 3 or 4 guards and most of them drop the keycards not all though.
  6. So first the rock thrower does not need to be killed by rocks behind him is a ramp just be careful as if you get close he rings his bell and calls people to attack and runs away. cool thing though is after he runs away you run away till you have no more aggro then go back and open his chest and that will complete the quest or at least it gives you everything the quest has to offer. As far as the runner I used caltrops and threw them down in front of where he was running that made him stop long enough for me to kill him.
  7. So the motilene harvester does not work it pretty much has no use as of now. You just need the bucket and there are certain pipes that have motilene floating in it that will give you the option to fill your bucket one of which is at the crime scene of a downer. I found another one by the tea party. I know locations change but so far everyone I see fill up the bucket does it at the pipe by the downer crime scene there will be a joy detector and then the pipe. And if you are like others and have a problem giving the bucket to faraday try dropping it on the ground and picking it back up.
  8. Agreed I would love to see more buildings I can enter especially since I have large thieving hands muahahahaha!
  9. may just be me but I believe that the food and drink rates are perfect I mean yeah I have to constantly make sure I have food but isnt that life? after a few play through's food and water never gave me a problem. Biggest problem I had was getting plague pretty early in game and not being able to find the materials or even a chemistry station to make the shot needed to cure it. But i love how when you die the world completely changes sometimes with different quests, definitely makes it feel like im not having to do the same thing over and over again each time I die. But i feel like its hard to sneak around people I feel like you can be behind someone and as soon as you crouch they turn around and are like "whoa wtf you doin bro: (not in so many words) but then all you have to do is run for 5 sec and bam your clear. I feel like you should be able to sneak easier and make getting away harder. Like NPCs with climb over things and actually search for you. I like the hiding feature like in trash cans and under beds but I feel like its completely necessary because if you just run down the block its quicker and easier. But all in all love the game love the utopia society and how you have to blend in depending on what town your in. Love that there is no leveling system or character builds makes the game feel just as difficult from beginning to end. Anyway im done with my rant have a nice day!
  10. hmmm idk look for a man holr like where you enter the safehouses once you enter there you cant leave you follow a hallway to the raft the man hole for me was in a house but could be different also the game has a lot of bugs so it may not have spawned but keep looking i guess
  11. So i was thinking and the joy pills repress memories. In videos from compulsion the creator even talked about war and jack thought he was kidding. If thats the case then wojuldnt there be a ban on historical objects like history books and what not? Maybe theres a flag pole from some war and you can do a quest to get as a weapon but if the guards see you with it they automaticaly attack something like that. Or a quest to get a history book idk maybe im crazy just thought it would bring more to the story.
  12. The bucket of moteline goes to faraday after you get the key to her workshop
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