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  1. How can I open the safes located in various houses on Emerald City and the broken maintenance doors in the safehouses?
  2. I have noticed three main things that indicate a stealth playstyle would be a choice: Making NPCs unconscious instead of killing them, the rubber suit, and throwing glass bottles to get the NPCs attention somewhere else. I wanted to know if a stealth or non-lethal playstyle is planned to be an option or if just few elements will be available. If it is will the player be rewarded somehow? After all doing a run without killing anyone is much harder than going full berserk.
  3. I have seen the "Feedback and known issues! [Early Access build 1]" thread and others but I believe I encountered bugs which haven't been mentioned yet so here they are: On the Poisoned Wastrel quest I got until the part I was asked to Clean the Medical Waste from the pond and wandered off (for some reason I didn’t realize I just needed to pick up all the items on the pond) and when I came back a day or two later the items weren’t there, the wastrel was vomiting again, and when I talked to him he would ask me for a Neximide pill but I couldn’t give to him. Wastrels appearing in Emerald City. Most notably I found one inside the area where you “play” the simon says game. On The Altar of the Yam quest I went in and the first thing I did was to take the Yam without thinking, then I realized the mess I had gotten myself into and just ran. Next day I come back, they are still having the ritual which means I can still do the mission but I accidentaly stole something from one of the crates and everyone is after me. Next day no one is there only the preacher and the quest can’t be completed so I knock him unconscious and when I try to get the book I can’t. I come another time a couple of days later and there is one random guy so basically nothing again. In closure I didn’t get to complete the quest nor get the book. The Blood in the Streets quest doesn’t move on although I did power the Downer detector. The Cerberus was the First Bobby quest appeared out of nowhere once I crossed the bridge from Emerald City to that little area that lets you go to Apple Holm and the Constable Turner that’s mentioned on the mission is nowhere to be seen. On this same area used to go from Emerald City to Apple Holm there is another route that should take to Hamlyn but if you go in there you can’t come out because you should have to pass some kind of Joy detector but all there is, is this platform on the middle and a Constable with a mustache (like the one in the prologue) looking at you. I did everything on the Haute Cuisine quest and when I get to the cell to free the Chef for my surprise there is no Chef. I found Faraday not where she is supposed to be but on the lower floor floating above the bed. Once I got to Apple Holm my health wouldn't stop depleting, what saved me is that there were many Gilead's around so I quickly picked them up made all the healing balms I could, rushed to the hatch and healed when my health got low. Luckily when I got to the hatch my health stopped depleting. I am not sure if this is a bug or if the quest is not giving correct tasks but Mushroom Log asks the player to visit the couple for some nights but it also tasks the player with collecting 5 mushrooms (which should grow on the log) every night but the mushrooms are only there the first time you go and never grow again. Again, not sure if it’s a bug but once you have apples (and every Wastrel can be given one while a couple come asking for it) shouldn’t you receive something in exchange for the apples? EDIT: I have screenshots if necessary
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