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  1. Had this bug before the maidenholm update. Whenever I return from the "holiday" because of drowning & too much bobbies etc., my camera is fix in one direction and do not respond to any mouse movements. This still happens even if I exit the game and return. Also, upon entering the Maidenholm area, the map still shows me a blank pages even though I have walk through it. Hope this bugs get fixed soon.
  2. Used the powercell to power the downer detector, and reversed polarity of the spankers, waited for the joy to wear off, and then went through the downer detector to set it off. However, the spanker would not kill the bobbies, but only me. Oh, and the mission "reverse the polarities" is stuck also. To add salt to the wounds, after getting back into the game, the power-cell, and the polaritied spanker has been "refreshed". So I'm basically stuck because there is no way to power the downer detector from the inside.
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