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  1. How far exactly can you go in the alpha? I have just restarted a new game but seem to have hit a dead end this time. I have 2 bugged quests (one is a chest I dug up that I can't open) and another is a dig site location at the headstone that is also inactive. The bridge needs a power cell which I still haven't found and there doesn't seem to be another exit from the island this time around (i.e. honey toll, etc). Is it possible that I could a random map that I cannot progress on or should I keep looking around?
  2. I actually didn't think of that but I've only crossed the bridge once and died to plague so I guess I didn't have an opportunity to get annoyed. I am concerned about how this game affects problem solving skills. The first time I ran up on the quest to disable the jogger ( I can't remember the name of the quest) my first response was to throw a brick at him. It worked but probably shouldn't have been my first reaction.
  3. Yeah so I log into a fresh new game after blowing myself up doing Mine, Mine, Mine and I'm off! I'm running around, checking out what map I have this time when I hit the Poisoned Wastrel. Hey! I've helped this cat before... so I talk to him, give him a purple.. he's so happy! He's like, hey help me clean up around here would ya? I'm like you got it pal! I'm no downer! I start picking up things and Whoa, I got the plague.. already? This didn't happen last time I did this quest. Well, lets finish this up and go to find the recipe for the antidote. No can do kids.. never found that recipe.. died on day 3. Much sadness was had.
  4. Camille, The issue I ran into yesterday is that after my PC unexpectedly powered off in the middle of playing when I returned to the game I had quests marked incomplete (I.E. Poisoned Wastrel, Mine Mine Mine) that would no longer work. I ended up dying because the tripwires I had previously set off in Mine Mine Mine were still active and nothing would trip them any longer. That is why I thought the game wasn't autosaving after quests. Thank you for the feedback. Let me know if I should post in the bug forums. Hokie
  5. I definitely think that an in-game option to save without exiting is a good idea. I like to save after I complete a particularly long or trying quest and it would be much easier to not have to exit the game to do so.
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