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  1. Game crash more when progress further Possibly heinous package: Game crash when carrying the dead body, load the game and the body is gone forever.
  2. not sure, but its been a long time since the last update.
  3. not important, but he gives you stew everyday
  4. in that case you may have to replay the game.
  5. try the station which you need to repair a pipe and install a valve, not sure thou
  6. it does happen sometimes, but "follow the ghost" quest will give you power cell too.
  7. well... you were wearing a proper suit that's why you got attacked.
  8. [Faraday's bug] Ms.Faraday told me to get her a bucket of motilene, after that I save and quit the game. Then later when I continue, the teleporter is already activated and she's gone, which I didn't gave her any quest item, so I go in the cell room and take the gate code. Then when I'm going to activate the Apple Holm gate, it says I don't have the code.
  9. Water pump disappear after game relaunch, unable to interact either.
  10. Ms.Faraday went missing from the cell when relaunch the game, and found her in a bedroom floating, but I can still continue the quest.
  11. yes you can, you make them unconscious, then you carry them back into safe house, and you can turn your base become a brothel, but sometimes the AI went missing but will return at the second time you go back. lol
  12. happened to me a few times, until i follow the quest instruction then maybe i have the some chances to take both of the items.
  13. @Shirley I killed the toll guy every time, so I actually didn't know the gate will close lol.
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