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  1. Haven't tried fighting one but the red ones do seem to have the same inventory as the regular ones. ***Maybe Spoiler warning*** If you visit the... lounge on a 2nd night both the cashier and red booby are dead back in their rooms. Could be a glitch, but other evidence in the rooms suggests it might have been death by misadventure.
  2. He's a grown man who plays with dolls. They're action figures!
  3. Safes can be opened with an electro shocker. I don't think the maintenance doors can be opened at the moment. Not sure if that's permanent or if they'll eventually have a function.
  4. Like Nellie said the Constable card is in a crate not on the cops. The cops all carry an Office Key Card that's used in crafting so it can be confusing. Since you don't have to knock one out to get the card, if you want to avoid a fight altogether I'll just say that cops won't attack someone in a proper suit and will immediately drink any alcohol you hand to them.
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