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  1. I experienced the same problem. Too bad I'll have to restart the game
  2. Nice, I wasn't sure that would work. I am going to try it! Thanks. Btw, Have you taken your joy today?
  3. Quest: Haute Cuisine There's no chef (see attached picture) and I can't interact with the prision "door".
  4. Quest: Faraday Labs Giving valve to NPC yields no result. He keeps asking for a valve
  5. This forum sure lacks a search feature. I just created a post about this bug (Not being able to harvest mushrooms). I am linking it here and bookmarking this one. Link: http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/5956/mushroom-log-unable-to-harvest-mushroom
  6. Hi, I've sneakily visited the mushroom log night after night (wearing snickers from far from the quest area, also tried crouching) and I am not able to harvest mushrooms. No menu pops up and mushrooms are not highlighted like they were not an object I can interact with. (It worked in another game, but this time, it doesn't seem to work)
  7. I've been experiencing the former on PC [sTEAM - Windows 10] too.
  8. I bought a valve and gave it to the NPC in the front of Faraday's lab. It had no effect besides hiding the menu option to give the NPC a valve. If I talk to the NPC, he keeps asking for a valve.
  9. Same thing happened to me in two different games. I started a new one just to test this very same bug again, and this time, I can't even move her before leaving the shelter.
  10. The "bug" is exactly what I described. If you get rid of either NPCs (or both), harvesting 5 mushrooms while wearing sneakers won't give you the little achievement for that action. Also, you won't be able to hear the conversation.
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