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  1. I did the quest where you help the poison man clean the pond and he dropped a shovel that I needed to get into Wellington wells. When I looked for the shovel on the ground it was missing and not in my inventory. This type have thing has happened with a couple other quests as well.
  2. Just to give everyone a heads up. If you are entering the area between the spot where you enter faradays codes to leave and the spot where the constable inspects you for disease from the garden side, I got stuck in the room where you get inspected. Could not leave through either door and the constable would not inspect me. I loaded the game back up to see if it was just a one time thing and while I thought it was, I made the same movement pattern again and it did the same thing. So basically if you try to enter the garden district from the side where you go to apple holm, you will get stuck. I hope this gets fixed soon
  3. I love this game so far and I've seen a lot of bugs that were already addressed in other topics but there are some minor mechanic flaws. When trying to walk through an opening on a small brick wall next to the street, my character would sometimes get stuck or not be able to walk through at all. Also, when jumping onto certain ledges or jumping off of ledges, my character would sort of warp through the wall then act like he is climbing up while hitting the ground. Another small bug I've noticed is when my character climbs a ledge, there will be about a 2-3 second period where he is floating then just appears on the ledge standing. Like I said, nothing major but probably worth looking into. Thanks for the awesome game!
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