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  1. It looks like there may be some occluder issues in the Mystery House, at least on my PC. Upon initially entering the house or a new room, or opening a door, I could *very briefly* see through the walls to the skybox beyond. It was always too fast to grab a screenshot, and it seemed to clear up completely if I'd already entered the room. I did not notice it happening if I was facing the interior of the house, only when I was entering a room looking at an exterior wall. It seems to me like the occluders in the house's walls may be loading in slightly later or more slowly than the geo/textures - at least for me. The laptop I'm using isn't total crap, but it's certainly not the beefiest gaming box around, so this could be limited to lower spec machines. The issue didn't detract from the experience or anything, and there's no way something like this would be a high priority, but it was noticeable to me, so I thought I should mention it in case it's something you want to look into.
  2. Same exactly! I haven't been back at all. I'm not trying to get stuck forever!
  3. Hah, VERY helpful! I was JUST stuck right there. I found the glitch in the wall of the detection room, but I hadn't found a way to get back into the entryway. Came here looking for this exact info. THANK YOU! Is there a way to get past this bridge? I went in at night and *not* on Joy...
  4. Hey guys! I have a weird one to report about the castle-like ruins with the Haute Cuisine quest. The first few times I went by, it was inhabited with NPCs (who kicked my butt, frankly) - it seemed like two up top and at least one inside - then one time I went back right at nightfall and I think that may have broken the encounter for me. I snuck up to the top of the tower and peeked through the cracks just in time to see the two dudes up top despawn (bedding down for the night? do they do that?). Every time I've been back since then, there's nobody there at all, inside or out. I can set off all the traps and nobody comes. Once, there was an NPC throwing rocks at me from below the floor near the door, but only the once. Every other time, I'm able to go in, snoop around, steal books, search the chests, everything. I see the subtitles and usually hear the guy shouting about the lazy cook, but there is nobody actually there. There is nobody upstairs, nobody in the cell in the tower, nobody there to chase me away, and nothing to interact with but the searchables. There is nobody to kill, no keys, no way to open the cell, and nobody to rescue from the cell even if I could open it. Obviously I can't say for sure that witnessing the dudes despawn is what caused this, but it's somewhere to start, maybe? I hope this is helpful and isn't a dupe!
  5. Ahhhh, for me it never exploded. I can only assume that's because it was broken then fixed, maybe? I have never been able to open it again after that first time when I relogged either. All wonky for me, lol.
  6. Ohhhhhh, that could be it! I most definitely searched her first. I don't recall seeing the "carry" option, but I mean that's one of the very first things you do in the game so who knows for sure? Thanks!
  7. This is on PC. I had an odd experience with the Mysterious Chest. When I first encountered it, I picked its lock right away, but I did not get the option to search it at all. I was not able to pick up the papers in front of it, either. Once I picked the lock, the chest had no collision and I could crouch down standing in it and see inside (there was nothing to see in there, but it was fun anyway). I went back several times after sleeping, saving, messing around, waiting days, all to the same results. Then after I relogged - which happened to be right when an **update** occurred, so that could have affected this) I WAS able to open the chest! I can't remember exactly what I got from it, but it didn't seem like any kind of awesome special loot or quest item or anything, though I'm not sure what is supposed to come out of it. I was still (and am still forever) NOT able to pick up the papers there, though. Just thought yall should know! Thanks for the great game. I really enjoy everything about it so far. The graphics are gorgeous, the story is unique, the gameplay is really fun (though it feels to me like hunger depletes a little too fast maybe), and the quests are interesting and engaging. Yall have done a fantastic job so far, and I can't wait to see where it goes!! <3
  8. Yeah, I've noticed that, too. The Dig Sites appear on my map before they are actually available to me, and they stay there after I've dug them as well. I think you **should** be able to dig them when you activate whatever it is that allows you to. (At least on PC, from my experience, that is.)
  9. I wish there were a search function for this forum so I didn't have to post dupe threads... Still, I haven't found a thread with *exactly* my issue, so here goes. Anyway, on my game (PC, btw), I have never been able to move Mrs. Stokes at all. I have never been given the option to move her, and I've never received the Spring Cleaning quest at all. I was at first unable to even read her note, but after a relog, I was able to do that. Mrs. Stokes can be searched, and I was able to click on her chair, but I have never gotten the carry option on her. This may be tough to repro since it seems like a fairly unique issue, but I figured I should report it. I hope this is helpful and isn't a dupe.
  10. Thanks for the reply, Willie! I got my charged Power Cell from the "Walkabout" (I'm pretty sure that's the name) mission on the first island. I took a Joy pill at the big willow tree at night, and something happened that lead me to a dig spot where the charged Power Cell was located. I hope that info helps somebody too!
  11. I see up there that killing him didn't help... Was that on PC? Has anybody tried specifically Takedown? If I kill him or do a Takedown on him, will he be gone forever?
  12. If you happen to have perma-death OFF, you can let yourself starve to death or die of thirst, and you will wake up in a safe house having lost only one Neximide pill. At least that's what happened to me when I got stuck. I figured since we're in early access I'd play with it off just in case, and I'm very glad I did. I'd have hated to die like that! If you don't... I hope you get free! MY STUCK SPOT: I'm an idiot and I jumped **behind the Mechanical Crafting Station in the Safe House on Lud's Holm** (I think that's the name - the island you reach via giving honey). I'd dropped something onto the table and couldn't reach it, so I jumped on top of it to try picking it up, got kinda-sorta stuck, panicked, and made it far worse. I managed to get onto the other side of it (so between the crafting table and the wall), and I was completely and utterly unable to free myself. I tried every combination of keymashing and slow-turning precision aim and jump/crouch possible. I ended up having to die of thirst, and if I'd had perma death on, it would have been an embarrassing end of the line for my poor Arthur. I freely admit that it wasn't easy to get on top of the table to begin with, but I actually had a fairly legit reason to try, so it's possible others could end up there as well. Very low priority, I'm sure, but I thought I'd report it just because of the potential for perma death. LOVE this game, though. I'm having a great time playing!
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