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  1. I have encountered another quest that just cannot be continued. When I entered Faradays house she was on the bed downstairs. But I was still able to talk to her and do the quests. But after grabbing the 5 car parts for her she will not accept them. Is this because she isn't in the room she is supposed to be in? I died, crashed the game even tried to kill her. Nothing works. Please help Thanks Barmie
  2. She is in game for me but downstairs on top of the bed. All worked well until now. I cant give her the Advanced mech parts
  3. Sorry, I should explain more. I purchased the valve from the porn-broker to give to James at the Faraday house. As I gave the valve to James he dropped it onto the ground and then it disappeared. Tried dying, reloading the game etc but it just wont appear in the shop again.
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