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  1. Babbleplay: The one you're looking for is red. Should have included that earlier, sorry. And as for the shocker thing, you can find them in the houses that you can break into.
  2. Also a helpful hint when you're in the town, every tap water source has Joy in it, although you're going to have to break into a house because there are no open sources outside that I am aware of. If you can get into a house (most preferred is to not be noticed haha) you can use the sink to refill the joy meter AND you can fill your containers with it. Also there's an area where there are a bunch of tables with tea pots on em', if you look for a phone booth looking object in the area, it's a 'joy booth' , gives you a free pill every time. Another thing, look for coveralls. Its a suit that blends you in AND allows you to approach and mess with the machinery without drawing suspicion.
  3. I've also encountered this. I've found out that once you have completed the required action, like obtaining the bucket of motiline, if you leave the area and then come back, it advances. This happened for me when I came back to town after leaving and I got a quest update that I needed to grab Advanced Mechanical parts and I was nowhere near the Faraday lady. I don't know if this happens every time, but based on my own experiences, it does. If anything, for anyone else experiencing the quest issues, leaving then coming back is worth a try. Oh also, this may only work with the city quests. Some of the other quests outside the city have not updated when leaving and coming back.
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