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  1. Yeah the inventory thing was just of a wim to be honest, just popped into my head as i started writing on the forum. thinking about it, your character would be over powered having 3x the space in safe's such as loading up on weapons etc. I couldn't agree more cant wait a patch or hot fix! glad to hear you're enjoying the game as much as myself! happy gaming my friend
  2. Hi all, new to posting on this forum. Just want to say firstly that I'm in love with this game over 30+ days in game, its amazing! and I also appreciate that the game is in alpha so cannot be angry with bugs/glitches. However I want to know if anyone else is having the same bug as me, I see no one when I hit the alarm for faradays workshop? just the metal grate and no one in there. upon looking on the internet there is supposed to be a women behind the door you speak to? I'm unable to progress in the game as I need to complete this quest to gains access to another town. Also the same with regards to quests still showing up on map even though they've been completed, and not being able to give people items just talk to them. As I've said I'm not angry just making you guys aware of the issues, I'm sure you're already aware of as haven't checked the forums. I also have a suggestion, maybe make the personal safe's unique to each town. What I mean by this is you're able to have 3x the storage space (as it stands at the minute as there is only 3 safe house's i can access at the moment) just a thought though. Thank you guys once again for making a game which has had me engrossed from day of realise. keep up the great work! Have a great day
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