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  1. generally you dont run into something that automatically kills you over such a long time in games like this.
  2. there is a cure you just havent found it yet, need to cross the bridge to get to the area where it can be found in. No matter what gets generated the second set of slums across the bridge has a second safe house, in that safe house are plans to make a cure. save rotten potatoes and needles
  3. anyone fund a list of items vendors will buy, or at last what they are suppose to buy?
  4. 15.) about 50% of games that spawn the apple tree event do not also spawn the constables.
  5. kuochie for 6.) im talking about the the abandoned house where you have to climb rubble that does not look climbable will take a screen shot and edit this post. EDIT: http://imgur.com/a/qO6xu
  6. 14.) when events are generated some times the NPC's assocated are not generated or do not interact with the player, a prime example is the sick man that vomits on the power cell to charge it, after killing the 3 thugs in about 2 of ever 6 maps he does not interact wit the player after they are killed.
  7. 13.) when strangling NPC's the NPC body does no match up with the action the player preforms causing you to strangle nothing.
  8. thanks. If you look for my post I put bugs I have found so far could you let me know if you found any workarounds for these? http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/3658/bugs-i-found-so-far
  9. 12.) when cought in the ephemeral house while holding ephemeral cloth the cloth is removed from the player inventory and does no respawn in the house.
  10. 11.) the quest "walkabout" A.) the ghost walks 2 slowly I have to take 4 pills to complete the trip to the grave. B.) once the grave is dug it continues to ask me to dig the grave.
  11. 9.) "it looks like rain" the old lady takes the flowers however the quest does not update even tho she asks for the old raincoat 10.) brought "james maxell" a valve for for th quest "faraday's houseboy" the quest does not register that the valve has been turned in and he will not give me the key.
  12. 8.) the quest "blood in the streets" does not register when I power up the downer detector after it is turned on, quest can not complete.
  13. 7.) the quest "cult of jack" completes after looting all 3 chests however does not turn grey is the quest not finished?
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