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  1. I handed out 3 bottles of alcohol, they were satisfied for long enough so that i could run in and steal the key from the crate under the "apple" tree.
  2. I agree, some of these media outlets are silly, reviewing an early access tittle as if its a finished product, its silly. I'd rather see some good articles on how the game is progressing, and how to play atm while it is in early access. I was going to write a review on the Early Access stage of WHF for mulehorngaming.com , but i might wait a bit for it and go ahead and write a few how to's instead. i feel the gaming community is better off with those articles All in all, i love WHF and i think the final product will be great, thanks to all of you that are giving Compulsion all the needed feedback on their game! Thats exactly what an early access is for, Indie developers don't have a huge testing and quality team at their disposal, so they rely on Early Access. Game Media outlets should understand this, imo.
  3. I pushed a change to this last Friday, but that was too late to make it in the build. Here's what it looks like, the colour is intact but the highlight is generally more visible and the item is zoomed slightly: There's also an animation whenever the cursor is moved so it's harder to lose track of it. Awesome, this looks really good Increasing stack sizes feels like an inadequate fix for what is essentially a symptom of too many item types and amounts. I personally would rather reduce the amount of items in the world so that inventory management doesn't become a tedious matter of dropping dozens of empty pill bottles. But even if we have different ideas on how to fix it, the team is very aware that right now the inventory gets cluttered too easily and we're looking to make it better. That sounds good to me, think its nice to go out more on a scavanging hunt after we used some of the items again, so reducing te ammount of items would good! I'm afraid you lost me there. The compass already does all of this, even the specific examples you gave. I am considering increasing the distances at which elements are visible, however. The compass must be bugged for me then, all i see is the ocassional Quest, mostly one i already completed, and a abandonned house at times. We actually have something better in mind! But the reason why we aren't playing any music right now is that attempting to do so causes the music to stutter due to the heavy load we put on the drive and CPU while loading. While it's definitely doable, we chose to spend our efforts in improving the load times altogether. But it's on the timeline. Sounds good, thanks! The lack of location feedback on quests is currently half bugs, half lack of time for execution. We're actively fixing the former and I'm hoping to get more control over tracking quests in general ASAP. Thanks for the information!
  4. I am, on Xbox One and already have 12 hours logged into my play session, I love the idea of Perma Death, makes the game way more exciting and gets the adrenaline pumping at times! Its good to have the option though, hope to see multiple character slots in the final release so i can switch between a permadeath playthrough and a non permadeath playthrough to be a bit more bold
  5. Hello there, Seeing as i love playing this game and want to help make it better before launch i compiled a list of Feedback. 1. Can we have a way different color border around the item you are selecting/hovering over. I have a hard time seeing what i'm selecting, especially the white items. something like this: 2. Can we improve some of the stack quantities? i have the feeling some items just can't stack enough and my inventory and vault is always full. I use other dresser around the map to hide my stuff atm. it is fun i have to admit, but would be nice to have bigger stacks of some flowers seeing as you pick that up a lot. 3. Can we have a more improved compass, something like Skyrim, where it will show me Places of Interest, our Safe House, Water Wells and such? And can it be made that stuff we completed shows up with a different type of Icon? maybe another collor so we know we already done all we need at that place? (also like Skyrim) 4. Combat system needs some tweaking, especially on stairs/elevated possitions, when i'm up high all i do is destroy my weapon seeing as i miss the person but hit a wall? and when im below a person its way to easy. 5. Can we have Music during the loading screens? They are really long and i understand why they are long, but some of the Games Music playing while it loads is a nice touch. maybe even rotate some cool concept art 6. Can we have a better view on Quests, maybe add on which island they are started so when i gather up side quests and want to do them later, i still remember where to go and on which island i want to start what. When i think off more i will update this thread!
  6. Certification on Xbox takes at least a week, so that is one of the main reasons why you won't see as much patches xbox as on PC. Also if Microsoft finds something off in the patch, they send it back you have to fix it and reaply for certification. (not sure if that also applies for Preview Games) but just goes to show the entire process for Console patches is different and time consuming.
  7. Bug 6a: The Map is way messed up, when i zoom totally out i can not move left or right anymore, i have to zoom all the way in to move all the way to the left of the map. Also the compass seems to be bugged, quests i completed stick on it.
  8. Bug 5a: Ducky quest, I have the rubber ducky, but i can't seem to give it to anyone near that campfire, been there for an entire day only one i see is a woman.
  9. Bug 4a: Quest with the locked up cook, i can see her/his subtitle text, but the cage i empty. i can not rescue her. i do have both keys and i killed the man on top of the tower. this is on the 2nd island.
  10. Bug 3a: Time always on is bugged, a soon as i restart my game the Time is gone, in the options it is still set to always on. i have to put it on off then always on again to make it work.
  11. Bug 2a: Glicthy house on 1st island, there is a abandoned house on the first island that is glitched, it has a invisible wall running through a dresser, can only pick up half of the items on the dresser. Not sure if it is helpfull but i made a screen of where this house is on my island. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Duro%20NL/screenshot/4576549
  12. Seeing as there isn't a sticky for this yet, i'll use your thread @DerpuChan to post my bug as wel. Bug 1a: A woman gets stuck in a pilar underground, when you move from 1st to 2nd island, see video: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Duro%20NL/video/20037130
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