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  1. It's going to be an interesting day for gaming when you unlock mustered gas. I can say that now
  2. There aren't big industry survival games no but they are pushing Crafting and open world to the point we get bored. Yes indie did it first and then it was fun and then big boys pick up and demand it be put in everything. It's not that I so much don't enjoy the Genera. It just flat out doesn't work for WHF, the trailers show a exciting dark gritty story, yet I find the game unplayable. Also only realized this after posting. It runs like ass on my system which is well above recommended. A very old system yes but within what you say is playable and I can say the game is not playable.
  3. Full of potential in terms of what can be an amazing story about unraveling the story behind Wellington Wells. The breaking down of the Joy addiction and choices in what to do in the aftermath. Anarchy, Conformity, Freedom. To say the game play falls flat would be an understatement. TL;DR list of problems in my few hours playing. -I do what now? Quest system doesn't work and there are points where you can not progress because of RNG. If you have Iron man and don't get enough tough cloth game over. No markers at all and confusing dialog. No indication of rewards. (IE a first aid kit is not work one joy) Again you get lost random terrain means no walk through because no markers. -Oh I'm being beaten because reasons AI are needless to say broken. They will attack you if you breath at them funny. I get the idea of identity and conformity but most of the time it doesn't work -Inventory It's a good system and I would love to know how to do it in unreal. However it often falls flat and is too cumbersome to be usable. Needs tweaking. -Bored now. Repetition, confusing quests where you hope RNG is nice to you or you get lucky in finding the place. Mostly the same over and over Need some variety or cut down on it and shorten the game in place of story. -Survival It's a good idea but poorly implemented. Needs some work -Terrain Procedural doesn't work for this game. Same buildings over and over and just flat drops into water. refer to 'I do what now?' -Mandatory crafting I am so sick of crafting making it's way into every game now. It just doesn't work Is we happy few a bad game. Yes. Is it a bad story, no not at all. The issue is the game side of things just doesn't work it does a running start into the story wake up in the bunker bit of survival introduced, manages to hook us into this dystopian world. It feels like we then trip, hit our head and fall into a shitty few day made survival game. Which is... It's not your fault. The art style is perfectly on point, the citizens the government officials. The delivering contrast of the Joy filled society and the dystopia outside, the music, uncle jack and everything just sets it up to be so much. And then you tried to be something you are not. You tried to appeal to us by becoming a generic survival game with shitty quests random terrain and all the other garbage that big industries insist we want. Trying to be what you aren't and we happy few fails as a game. The story and the ability to make a good game is there. The ability to make an outstanding game that sticks on the list of greatest games of all time, you have it. However, in trying to be what you aren't it's not worked. As a developer myself I strongly suggest that you focus on what makes we happy few unique what it seams you loved to create. Dystopian story of Britain after it did something so terrible people want to forget so they make a drug for it. The story of Arthur coming out of the rabbit hole the contrast of the two worlds side by side and trying to peace together the truth of what happened and break the chains, with meaning and choice and consequences. Make it dark make it gritty and heart clenching. Fear sadness disgust. That's what We Happy Few needs to be. Cut the garbage and be what you want to be and not try to be like the others and we happy few will be one of the best games ever made. You have it there and you just need to realize it. TL;DR of the TL;DR Potential.
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