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  1. Hi @tec I meant to give an update last night. I had to start a new game 3 times but it finally started working. Thank goodness! Thank you for replying and, if it happens again I'll try your suggestions first!
  2. Hello, wonderful Compulsion Team! WHF has not been playable on for me on XB1 for past two days. It starts to launch, gets to the loading screen and when the bar is full and I think I'll be in my safe house the game puts me back to the XB1 home screen. Things I have tried to fix this issue: - Restarted my console - Checked for console and game updates - Started a new game - Gave the console a hard reboot Hopefully, I'll be able to play soon because I'm having withdrawals! Thank you for all of y'alls hard work and dedication!!
  3. @tec, exact examples at the moment, no. I remember reading something about ghost mode? Not sure if that is the correct name for it on Steam. And, many replies are given with commands to use on the PC. Personally, I haven't really had many issues, it was just a thought to help distinguish any differences., that's all. =)
  4. Hello! I'm not sure where to post this idea, however, I wanted to suggest a main WHF XB1 Discussion thread in the forum. Or maybe I mean category? Like this: WHF XB1 (or xBox One, etc...) Gameplay Help and Advice. It appears that gameplay is different for those on Steam and others on XB1 and I think this might be a good solution for players on getting the proper help/tips. It could also be beneficial to the developers, too, when needing to locate bugs in each without having to sift through them all. Again, just a suggestion and I didn't know which category to post it under. So, thanks for reading and helping!
  5. Hi @Stephanie! I believe we've tried that, but I will definitely try it again to double check. Thank you!
  6. Hello wonderful WHF Devs!! This might be a very simple fix yet I cannot figure it out! I have been playing WHF on 42" television and the gameplay appears to fit the screen perfectly. However, when I try to play on the other television (46") it is basically chopping the ends of the game off. I have tried to adjust the 'player view' finding no success. Is there a way to change this or will be this something addressed in the main release? Thank you for your time. I hope y'all know what a wonderful game WHF is!!
  7. Hello, I found a new quest, I don't recall the exact name, but it has to do with finding out what's driving the people in the house crazy, (where the guy is dropping a couch off the roof) and each time the name of the quest pops up the game crashes and takes me to my Xbox One home screen. This has happened three times in a row. Thank y'all for such a fun game!
  8. Hi, I started a new game and played through the prologue as well, just to be sure I didn't miss anything. =)
  9. Since the update when I start WHF it goes through the loading process, gets to the loading bar, then stops and brings me back to Xbox home screen. When I start it immediately after, it goes through the entire opening credit scenes, however, it does play after the second start. The radio inside the safe house says 'turn on' when it is already on and vice versa for off. Wish List: - I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a way to mark the houses or places searched on the map. Just kudos: I love the details included in the update! I noticed the safe house hatch noises, the steps, cobblestone, etc... Great work from everyone!!
  10. I don't know if you found any yet, but, I have found many by searching the houses andI think I've had to 'steal' them. Hopefully this helps! It seems not too many people are playing on xBox One
  11. Thank you, Shirley! I'm going to try that now!!
  12. I'm also on an xBox One, however, I go to the doll house and I cannot find the doll. Any suggestions?
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