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  1. that worked for me too! now it wont let me give her mechanical parts fuck
  2. How do you get the code? Faraday is still glitched for me, it wont let me give her the advanced mechanical parts and theres a car on my screen that i got the parts from but its still lit up on my map...idk what to do
  3. Do you have to equip the bulbs? for some reason any quest that you have to give a person something never works for me. it never lets me give the item.
  4. Hello all! Let me start this off by saying I am loving the concept of this game. I know there are bugs and glitches but im still having a blast. Anyway, im having problems completeing quests. It wont let me give the lady the bucket of motiline. I dont know what i am doing wrong. Also, the quest where you give the downer lady the lily bulbs, fails for me. It wont let me give them to her. What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug? It also wouldnt let me a guy the pipe. Im not to sure what else to do now!
  5. I filled up the bucket near the Downer Investigation quest. Although i am having problems giving her the bucket. it wont let me. Also had problems giving the downer old lady her lily bulbs. It wont let me give items to people. Anyone know why? Am i doing something wrong?
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