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  1. Yep, this happened to me too. My solution is to let yourself totally die and if you don't have permadeath activated you will go back to the safe house.
  2. Also, on a side note, this is actually a really great game so far. There are a lot of issues and the like, but I know y'all are working very hard to fix them and to add more content to the game. I have no doubt that once it is totally finished that it is going to be absolutely spectacular! I'm already obsessed with it.
  3. Bugs Most of the bugs I've found are encounter related. I'm not sure any of these have been rectified or if people have already mentioned them or not. Crazy Legs: After a while of running around he would just stop and stand there. While it made the encounter much easier to finish, it did defeat the purpose of it. Walk About: I took Joy in the right place and the ghost appeared, but she wouldn't walk anywhere. I tried it a few times and she just wouldn't budge. When I went to her grave it had a dig symbol, but it wouldn't let me dig there. So, I couldn't complete this one. Where's The Power: After defeating all of the people talking to Ralph, I went to talk to him, but he wouldn't respond. I continued to press E to try and get him to give me the power cell, but it wouldn't work. So I tried knocking him out to see if I could loot it from him, but instead I just failed the encounter. Are you able to redo encounters if you failed them? Mushroom Log: For this one I took the mushrooms every night, but it only recorded the first night as having the mushrooms taken. So, by the time I got to the last night and they were supposed to drop stuff, there was nothing to pick up. Haute Cuisine: At the top of the tower the chest couldn't be unlocked because the option to press V and unlock it wasn't there. Also, in the basement of the tower I couldn't unlock the door to the prison cell. It said that I freed the chef and I ended up getting the rewards and finishing the encounter though. Escape: I killed one of the police officers and stole his key card, but it isn't checked off on the journal as completing that part of the encounter. This probably isn't a big issue though. I realized what I did wrong. Weirdly enough though, after killing the officer and returning a day later, the police officers have disappeared. Spell Errors I known I'm being a little nit picky with spelling, but I thought i might as well point it out just in case. Where's The Power: "Why are is the mob beating him?" should be ---> "Why is the mob beating him?" Mushroom Log: "PIck up their spare gear" should be ---> "Pick up their spare gear" There are more of them, but I don't want to point out every missed comma or stuff like that, haha
  4. I really did run for a long time and a long ways. I spent about 5 minutes trying to shake him before I just caved and killed him
  5. I slept in somebody's house (with no joy in my system) and woke up to a guy trying to attack me. I expected that this would happen and merely ran out of the house and went on my merry way. I'm walking along and behind me I heard the guy shout at me, he had followed me out of the house. So I ran pretty far and he still chased me. He was absolutely relentless and the only way I could get him off of my tail was kill him. Is this normal?
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