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  1. Argyleskin

    PAX West cosplay

    Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun to do! So much that I'm doing it again tomorrow for the last day of PAX. People really loved it!
  2. Argyleskin

    PAX West cosplay

    This is my pax west cosplay! With and without sunglasses and Joy!
  3. Argyleskin

    Cosplay Thread! Show off your Happy Face.~

    Going to be going as a Wellie for PAX West this year. I am so excited! My friend is a professional makeup artist and he's going to do my makeup that morning. I wish it would hurry up and get here! Although I'm thinking of going with a shocker as a weapon rather than a rolling pin. Also going to have bottles of Joy for folks (sweet tarts in cute bottles) for those who recognize what I'm cosplaying! I'll post photos that day for everyone to see!
  4. Argyleskin

    Thanks for the PAX Fun!

    Any chance you'll be coming to Pax Prime/West?
  5. I found a shovel it broke and now I can't find another. To boot I cannot figure out how to dig when I have a shovel.
  6. Argyleskin

    Mushroom quest

    I listened to the conversation, kept going back and never saw mushrooms again, so I killed the couple and threw them one by one over the cliffs. I'm finding the cliffs have a great use for people you don't want to see anymore.