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  1. 1. I brought The guy his precious valve and he told me how awfully kind of me this was. Then he proceeded ranting about the still broken valve. The valve was removed from my inventory and I can not buy a new one. Solved the problem by taking out the guy and stealing his key 2. I suppose faraday is supposed to be IN the cage, at least thats what the audio makes me think. However, she stands on her bed, investigating the picture of the muscular man of the V-Meat ad.
  2. I am stuck in several missions in the game. "blood on the streets" for example requires me to reach a trap box behind a metal shutter that I can't open, even with a jimmy bar. I just can not proceed that way. Got the advanced lock shocker and a jimmy bar, but to no avail. How did you open the shutters? Comments would be appreciated. Fennec
  3. Clubs and batons stand upright if dropped from the inventory, and dont fall over.
  4. I tried to get back into the gardens from another island. Had to pass some kind of plague checkpoint were a guy with a huge magnifying glass is supposed to check you for symptoms. However, I came from the "back entrance" by pushing the red button outside. When I was in the checking room, the doors closed behind me and nothing happened. I couldn't get out. No buttons to press, all doors closed, guy is standing idle. When I restarted the game I suddenly spawned in a small room with two yellow slide doors with a laser-tripwire. Looks like the room you first go into when coming from the front. Both doors were closed, all I could do was set off the trip wire, that's it. Now I can't get out, restarting just respawns me between the two doors again. I will have to starve to death now. There is nothing I can do to get out. Edit: Oh, and the guy from the "wounded wastrel" encounter respawns after I helped him. Helped him, opened the box. Next day he lays there again, wounded and all. Can't help him a second time though. His text is the same as after helping him.
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