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  1. Well... that's an issue. I'm sorry but I can't help any further. looks like your either going to have to start a new game or sit there for hours until manage to get out or die. Again, sorry
  2. Try shoving the air by pressing R and try to also hide under his bed to get out. It is tricky but you may be able to do it. (Developer told me how to get from a stuck wall. I take no credit.)
  3. @PerfectConsumer To get him to take the pill I threw a body at him so he fell over and then proceeded to talk to him. That fixed it and after talking to him a couple of times in a row he finally would let me give him the neximide pill. If this doesn't work for you then I'm sorry for wasting your time but as I always say, have a good one!
  4. This does sometimes happen to me and I find that the way to get away from them in Hamlyn is jump over one of the small brick walls and run down the street. Usually after you do this the Wellies will try and make their way round to where you are and by that point, you're gone. A way to get away in the Garden Districts is run in to one of the really screwed up buildings (that have been bombed) and climb your way through and basically leg it (as we Brits say.)
  5. Sometimes this happens to me to but usually after a minute or two it sorts itself out and my keys that I have bound work again. Sometimes I just have to tab in and out again for it to work. Have you tried that?
  6. @Playing_Dead When I got the plague it displayed me with a message / note that stated that I contracted it from a dead body I had searched. Maybe it glitched for you?
  7. Yes, I encountered this about 5 minutes ago actually. I was about to report it but it seems a few people have beaten me to it!
  8. I've had all the issues that you have both mentioned so I just gave up on the quest and moved along to the next. Good to see someone reporting it though. I also have the animation issue and teleport on most of my jumps.
  9. I have no issues with finding food in Hamlyn. I just brake into someone's house steal their food and run. I find most of my food in people's kitchens, unless I raid all the houses and there is no food left I run out quickly so I have to move on to the next district and so on. But I do understand what you mean.
  10. I didn't think to do that. I just went for the constable's key card.
  11. Amazing idea, I hope that this idea is taken in! Also, good luck with school, etc.
  12. Ah, that red hazard sign is a sign that means you have the plague! It is very easy to cure and you only need a phenocycline syringe which can easily be crafted with one empty syringe, one antiseptic and two filtered waters. You must administer shortly after you get the plague as the phenocycline can only cure it in early stages. Also, remember you can never be to careful in the world of we happy few so craft it while you can. Hope this helped, have a good one!.
  13. I had managed to get to the "better" part of town and out of the garden district. I broke into a wellie's (Citizen) house I was shocked but also rather amused when I found two wellies sleeping inside one another on the same bed. One had it's head on the end of the bed with the other with it's head on by the headboard. I went to take down both of them and managed to get myself stuck in the wall by doing so. Sorry if I annoy anyone when reporting this bug and if you could please tell me if you experienced this bug (The NPC sleeping inside NPC bug to be exact) so that I can know that I'm not the only one and that it is an actual problem and I am not wasting the developer's time. Thanks for reading and keep up the amazing work compulsion!!
  14. I approached this encounter / quest and when it prompted me with the quest text I sprang into action and attacked the people trying to the person. After killing them the person that i'm meant to talk to stood there and didn't respond to anything I did unless it involved throwing a body at him, shoving and/or hitting him. This basically means I couldn't finish the quest. I don't mean to be a bother and am only trying to help. Please solve this, if it is even a bug and not something that just went wrong in my game. If you have experienced this to, please state so in the comments so that I know I'm not the only one.
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