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  1. I just want to express my thanks and well, joy, to the devs for taking the time to put in so very many clever references. Being a massive Beatles fan and general all around Anglophile, I was pleased to see reference to Oct 9 and "A Hard Day's Night", The hollow men, but what really stands out to me is "The Man Who Would Be King" reference. "And Daniel never let go of Peachy's hand and Peachy never let go of Daniel's head." I shall find you Peachey Carnehan, I shall find you! The Son of God goes forth to war, a kingly crown to gain; his blood red banner streams afar: who follows in his train? Cheers, Meg
  2. I just wanted to add that I too have encountered this happy bug. However, I was about to speak with Mr. Chunder after saving him from those goons, however he did not give me the full power cell in return for my help. On the map, the location is still marked and I have spent rather a long time searching the area, in case of clipping or strange mechanics, but have found nothing.
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