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  1. 5 - Lag Don't go lagging on me... So today, I tried playing in windowed mode using a small resolution just to try it out. No problems as to crashes but the game would lag every now and then when coming out from the inventory. There was one time the game froze for a while coming in and out of the safe house and I was scared the game was going to crash but luckily it didn't. Aside from that, no other problems were encountered which is awesome!
  2. Hullo, just going to post the bugs/issues I've noticed here! I know some have been covered by others but at least they can be tabulated. 1 - Mrs. Stokes Oh poor Mrs. Stokes... One thing about the first quest, the Mrs. Stokes one is that (on the PC), if you drop her on the bed or anywhere really after picking her up, the option to pick her up again is gone thus you are unable to complete her quest. 2 - Collision Detection and some Physics(-y? -esque? -isque?) Problems It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a flying body! When in combat mode, there's a tendency for bodies to go flying when unconscious or deceased (basically on the ground). I've noticed this on several occasions and one memorable one with the body going through the wall like a ghost. I think it has to do with the NPC collision detection in general as I've had several sit on me (poor Harry) when I sit on a bench, reading or not. 3 - Battle Mechanics Now you see me, now you don't (but really you still do) This is something that irks me a bit about the combat in PC, the "seen" symbol doesn't appear sometimes making it impossible to know whether or not you've been spotted. I'm not a good fighter and there was a time I tried to outrun everyone and jumped into my safe house. Unfortunately, combat mode did not stop when I jumped in and waited for it to die down. Again, the "seen" symbol wasn't there but the combat didn't die down a smidge which made it impossible to do things. Luckily, it stopped when I came back out of the safe house but it was weird for a time. 4 - Boundaries I know we have some boundaries but... So I tried to explore the edges of the map for the first area and when you reach beyond the tree house (where you can get a quest) into the fields, it's very easy to get lost and if you keep pushing, the physics get a bit weird but after reloading the game at an earlier point, there weren't any lingering problems. This is all I have so far and I'll keep updating as I continue playing
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