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  1. After Doing the new update.. I still can not complete Dr.Faradays quest with the bucket. She still is nowhere to be found..Also everyone in the house is a weird bald....LOL.
  2. I am having the same issue...I have Not found a fix tho. Faraday was there to give me the quest...although she was in the bedroom downstairs floating mid air.... When I returned with the filled bucket she was gone. I have a string of other quests I cannot complete.
  3. Anyone else having trouble completing quests? I can not do the yams quest or the the one where you fix the moltine pipe burst. It also will not allow me to see Dr Faraday so I am stuck not moving forward. I also can not give the flowers for the lovestruck quest.
  4. I also can not pick anything up after playing the bongos.
  5. Hello All!!! Vixen Here and I wanted to throw some info at you guys I have found that if you have an AMD Processor the game won't work. When my BF logs in it says he is playing but only briefly then closes. I have seen others with this issue. First off My BF's Computer will NOT play the game and that thing has a beastly make. His Computer Specs are AMD FX 8Core ghz , 16gb DDR 3 Ram , Radion R9 390 8gb , 500gb solid state hard drive , Fatality Sound card , Windows 7 pro...With all the damned updates for windows. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling 3 times it hasn't worked. He got a refund on his money and now just grumpily watches me play. After going through Reddit and Forums on here . My conclusion is it has something to do with AMD Processors. My Computer has a Core i5 3.20ghz with windows 7 and Nvidia graphics card. I am hoping this helps others and Compulsion.
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