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  1. Maybe give the player some insight when they get the plague... I had no idea what the logo meant or it's implications. It had no in-game effect.
  2. I've had the same issue with mushrooms no populating and NPCs vanishing.
  3. My game keeps crashing when I loot corpses. It will crash if I try to loot a corps which I am already looting or if I loot an adjescent corpse to a corse which I am still looting.
  4. I found a tower with two hostile NPCs on top and an imprisoned chef inside. Kills both jailors and I guess I rescued the chef? His dialogue sounded like I rescued him and he gave me food, but the door to his cell remained locked... so... yeah... confusing. Found to people, a man and a woman, talking on a log at night. The quest god said I had to stealthily pick some mushrooms, for some unknow reason. Did that. The quest god then said to come back the next evening, which I did, but no mushrooms this time to pick, even though the quest god said to pick mushrooms. Waited for a while... sun came up and the two NPCs vanished like ghosts. This game is making less and less sense...
  5. I met a guy in a park who was vomiting in a wooden crate. The crate was full of vomit... But it was still searchable, so I searched it. Found some scrap metal and a piece of cloth in there. Gross. Then I spoke to the guy and he told me he wanted pills. I had the pills but could not figure out how to give them to him. Usually, when such interaction is possible, I get an on-screen cue with what button to press to give the object, but it did not occur that time. I ended up punching the guy by accident while trying to give him the pills... He didn't like that and ran away! But he's not vomiting anymore, so I guess I did good :-)
  6. I remap my key, what can I say, I'm that kind of guy. There is an issue however with how th game handle custom key mappings. In the intro and during other story moments, the game asks me to press right-shift to continue, but pressing right-shift does nothing. I can only progress by pressing the space bar.
  7. At this point, I'm not sure if this is just something that's not implemented in the Alpha or what... but I'll mention it anyway. Sometimes I take one thing that's not marked as theft from a house, and an angry lady starts chasing me. Sometimes I can steal everything in a house in plain sight and noting happens. But then I trip the tin-can alarm on the way out, and they all go mad. NPC behave indifferently when I walk into an inhabited house, so it's hard to predict how they will react. Other times, I trip all the tin-cans and nothing happens. And how come I need a special book skill to disarm tin-cans. It's literally child's play! But making medicine from plants, that's easy, right? But none of that is of any consequences, because the Downers are real push-overs and are easy to beat-up.
  8. I reloaded my game on this the 28th of July (game was saved on the 27th). My character was fine, healthy, in a house. I had the red medical hazard logo, but I'd had that for several game days and it didn't seem to do anything. Anyway, after reloading, my screen was black and white with a heartbeat sound effect. I could move around fine, but not sleep in a bed. I had no heath icon on screen (heart) and was presumably at full health. I did try to use a healing balm to see if that would do anything, but no perceivable effect. After a while, the heartbeat sound sped up and shortly after that, my character died.
  9. One last thing: I like how the game keeps ticking along even while you browser your inventory, but if you keep it that way, you need to fix it so you don't make the same mistake as System Shock 2: make the GUI smaller so that it doesn't block out all the view and leave WASD control so the player can move while looking at the inventory. It will also allow us to see the eating animation, which the GUI completely hides right now.
  10. I've played We Happy Few for a few hours, got it to crash a few times. I believe first impressions are everything if you want people to keep playing a game, so here are mine. - LOVED the intro. Give me more of THAT! It's interactive, you get to explore, it's weird, you can take in some of the back story, but are not forced to. You can got trough it as fast or as slow as you like... It's great. - ...but then, I get kicked in the head, wake up in a bunker, and start wandering a square island with a strangely regular pattern of repeating buildings looking for berries and leaves... WTF. It's like I'm playing a completely different game! I understand that the story element is absent during alpha, but thematically, something is off. WHF lured me in with promises of dystopian weirdness with social awareness mechanics... and I'm playing a generic survival style game. - Why, Oh Good God of the Games why, did you put a crafting mechanic into this? Why does every game except Tetris need a crafting mechanic now a days. It makes no thematical sense. Why is my character capable of crafting medicine from plants. Where did he learn that skill? How can pieces of scrap metal become a lock-pick or a crowbar? How is my character such a good tailor that he can turn a torn-suit into a perfect suit in not time at all with just some tread and some cloth? - We establish in the intro that our character is disoriented, weak, submitted to authority... He is waking from a drug induced daze that lasted several years of his life... Then he's suddenly SurvivorMan, living off the scraps of the land, ripping honey from a bee tree like some bad-ass mofo... While still doing his constant and repetitive philosophal whining... It doesn't work. There is a clear character dissonance between what he is supposed to be and what he is actually doing. - Why are crafting systems crap? No reason really, except that every game has one since Minecraft but nobody seams to realize that like every game mechanic, it needs to work thematically. Would Monopoly be better with a crafting mechanic? Minecraft was about crafting... What is WHF about? I would say it's about conformity vs non-conformity. It's about humanity vs drug induced bliss. It's about remaining sane in an insane world. It's about the crowd vs the individual. You don't need to make the player learn crafting recipes to tell that story. - Removing the crafting mechanic doesn't mean removing the inventory. You need to pick up stuff (food, weapons, tools, etc.), to convey scarcity and empowerment. Having a world covered with junk that you can pick up can be a way of making it feel more interactive, even if the trash has little or no use. But by making every rock and every scrap of metal precious, you are actually making the world feel very "video gamy". I'm pac-man, running along corridors, and I need to horde everything, because everything is useful. And when everything is useful, nothing is... You are depriving yourself of the ability to place truly useful items in the world that the player will really want. Stealing becomes meaningless when you keep taking rotten fruit and scrap metal all the time. But if a guy has a crowbar, and you need that crowbar real bad, and the crowbar is awesome, then you build tension and conflict. - At the beginning, you find a rock. I thew away the rock because: it's a rock. Who cares, right? Big mistake! Apparently, rocks are very rare in this world, and super useful for craft better weapons. How am I supposed to figure out what is useful or not if you are not following real-world logic? See what I mean by "video gamy"? Now if I find manure on the ground, I'll probably pick it up... who knows what it's good for! Maybe I can build a farm like in Don't Starve (which, by the way, as a counter point, actually has a great crafting system that work thematically). - The island design of the world bugs me. Islands are the opposite of oppression and confinement. They make you feel like the word is huge and free. My character is supposed to be desperately trying to escape... but look at that large expense of soothing open water. Something is off. I know it's a challenge to build a procedurally generated world and not make the walls apparent, but you need to do better. You should try to make it all feel like it's part of a single city. Use barbed wire fences instead of cliff and sea. It will help maintain the mood. - I've only been playing for 2 hours, and already the houses all look the same. Give me some landmarks damit! - Everybody talks at the same time and I can't understand anything. My character complains while an NPC is giving quest information... I also have trouble distinguishing between my character's voice and the voices of NPCs. I can't always tell who is talking. The mouths are not always animated, but that could just be something you haven't finished yet. - I get quests and quest updates before I even see what the game is referring too. I'm supposed to spy an a couple talking while I pick mushrooms? Where? Why? What is going on? Oh, I found the bee tree...? No I didn't where is it? You tell me I found it so it has to be close. I hate quest updates because I hate games that give me checklists like I'm doing the groceries and my girlfriend doesn't trust me to remember to get the honey. I KNOW I NEED THE HONEY, GAME, GO F*** YOURSELF. - The inventory/crafting/message screen GUI is too "techie". I feel like a cyborg in a different video game. You need to make it work with the game aesthetic. Objects don't feel tangible. They are only icons that move from a cupboard to my iPad. In my mind, my character has an iPad with detailed biometrics, how else do you explain that GUI? My guy has to be a cybord because I just "upgraded" him with extra pocket bags :-) - Days are too short. I keep thinking: I don't have time to read this letter that I found, I only have 5 min of daylight left to find some more scrap metal. - Why can't I pick-up the kettles? Seems like a kettle would be a nice thing to have when trying to survive: it boils contaminated water, it carries liquids, and it's a weapon. - I could not figure out how to refill my water canteens at the wheel... So my guy can make healing salves out of plant leaves, but filling up a bottle is just too complicated? Or maybe I'm the one who just can't figure it out. - I'm a little confused about expectations of ownership in this town: how can taking a rotten apple from the wreckage of a house that doesn't have a door and where nobody seems to be living be considered "stealing"? Ok, that's all for now. I really want to like this game. And I'm complaining because I know it's in Alpha and you are still fixing it. Good luck!
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